How to Use a Dagger to Counter a Stick Attack | SLASHING THE LINES

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10 thoughts on “How to Use a Dagger to Counter a Stick Attack | SLASHING THE LINES

  1. MrEdium says:

    This is an Amazing System but man ! Once you start, there is going to be a lot of Blood flying around ! Your not going to need any locks because all that blood is going to be all around you, on you & in your lungs. Your fighting a corpse. This is great but that knife reminds me of a smatchet I had. Put that on the crook of a person's bicep & slash………that person is dead before he knows it. Deep stuff.

  2. David Sun says:

    My question is the first block. Say being attacked by a baseball bat, your first block to close up distance is using your left arm. With a full strength swing, that may result in a broken left arm. Again, how can we using a dagger blade to block a full swing longer range weapon? Physically not very smart. Please do explain!

  3. Barry Smith says:

    should probably do immediate wrist cuts til disarm, THEN proceed; BUT if she was properly "whipping" the stick, no way to enter for anything; i like the unusual (for modern) simple hammer-grip handle on dagger; thats what we had for thousands of yrs for real combat; then western fencing> bowie-fencing, too much dancing

  4. PaladinPress says:

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