How To Use a Combat Tomahawk – Behind the Scenes

The Kalihawk is a new product set to be released by RMJ Tactical, the premiere source for combat and tactical tomahawks. Here Doug Marcaida, designer of the …

31 thoughts on “How To Use a Combat Tomahawk – Behind the Scenes

  1. Colley Bailey says:

    +Doug Marcaida ( Kalisong1) Is that a training weapon?  What's it made of?  Or was that the real deal?  If so, you've got quite a trusting helper. 😉

    Your speed and precision is amazing, brother.  You've made me want to train with Kali.

  2. Anderson C says:

    All that training…great if you can legally use the hawk to "defend" yourself. Talk to a few LEO in your area first. Just might land you in more  trouble than you expected. If you're in the military then you could probably use it for defence. Civilian? Unlikely.

  3. korydreagan says:

    love Mr. Marcaida's style and adaptations to real life. I wish so bad i could get an RMJ product but they are ungodly expensive, for now i am fine with my sog's and cold steel's.

  4. Merlin5by5 says:

    The Original Vietnam combat tomahawk had spikes in line with the handle.
    It made the Talon a formidable stabbing weapon, also. Somehow it got lost on the way back to the united states. They were made in-country by auto shops in the motor pool out of suspension bars.

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