How to Use a Belt as an Improvised Weapon

While doing our social knife defense experience, someone asked Nick on how to use an improvised weapon against a knife attacker. Subscribe to Nick Drossos: …

46 thoughts on “How to Use a Belt as an Improvised Weapon

  1. Smiddy Wesson says:

    There's a Youtube video out there of somebody taking a knife to the throat using the old belt defense.  He was mixing it up pretty well with the knife guy, but the knife only has to land one good shot and the fun is over.  Do yourself a favor, when the knives come out, run.  That's what trained knife fighters do, they run, because they know when somebody trained to use a knife meets another trained knife fighter, they are both going to die.

  2. faultroy says:

    I hope this is for entertainment purposes, and everyone recognizes how dumb it is to go against anyone with a knife. 

    In some hands, knives are far more dangerous than guns because a guy with a knife has to get very close, and won't miss.  With most shooters, they don't practice enough to get good with a gun.

    The best defense against a knife is to run away if you can.  If you cannot, the best defense is something, anything that will allow you to keep your distance from the attack, and that could be anything from a chair to a bookcase to a table to anything that you can think of to keep you away from your attacker.

    If you cannot find anything, the last thing I would do is take off my belt.  1) I won't have the time, 2) it means that I am going to have to get closer to the aggressor.  Dumb Idea.

    If you are interested in protecting yourself against a knife the best defense is a gun.  The second best defense is Pepper Spray, and the third best defense is a cane.

    Both Cold Steel and Kabar make fighting canes, and they are acceptable forms of defense in every state in the world.  Kabar makes a cane similar to the one used by people that need canes to help walk and balance.  However it is made of a much thicker form of Aluminum than a standard Pharmacy purchased cane.  As a matter of fact, you cannot tell them apart.

    The two Cold Steel Canes that I am talking about is made of a very resilient and almost unbreakable plastic which is relatively heavy.  However police are very familiar with these canes, and in certain countries, it may be considered a weapon. It depends on the country and the jurisdiction.  Certainly in my country, the USA, both canes are perfectly acceptable.

    There is a reason that Riot Police carry Riot Batons which are about the length of Canes.  The reason is that they are very effective as an offensive and defensive weapon.

    In addition to this, a cane is instantly deployable and you don't have to think about taking off your belt to use it as a weapon and unthreading it from the loops.

    Keep it simple.

  3. Bill Fox says:

    Despite some of the morons on here, good video Nick, thanks. It can be effective against a knife if you get chance to pull it out. Won;t help much for the gangstas though, with their pants around their thighs.

  4. kiaismylife says:

    Last year in 9th grade I got into an altercation with a boy in my gym class in the locker room. I thought this idea was stupid but I couldn't think of anything else. So as he starts to stand up and walk towards me I started walking backwards and at the same time pulling out my belt, after I started swinging the belt and walking towards him, he got scared put his hands up and told me to take it easy,

  5. Rob Appleby says:

    Ridiculous. Some tweaker with a knife is not going to be stopped by a couple of slaps with a belt. He'll be all over you after you're recovering from your first swing and your guts'll be on the ground.

  6. J Calhoun says:

    I prefer to use a belt as a part of a composite weapons system. A good sturdy belt to support a well made CCW holster and the 1911 contained within, wielded by a trained individual who practices situational awareness.

  7. nanocataclysm says:

    do you know what kind of belt you have there? my belt is stiff leather and doesnt move qyite the same way. whatever one you have looks much better for weaponizing! if u dont know brand, could you describe it? thanks for this and other vids. Awesome!

  8. assassin8or says:

    This is like children going through imaginary scenarios. Have you ever come face to face with someone wielding a knife with intent to kill? There is nothing more terrifying

  9. Eugene S Smith says:

    Nick Drossos: I watch "Wing Chun Tai Chi JKD Master Wong", on YouTube. Master Wong, lives in the UK, I surmise. This guy is not only informative, but VERY HUMOROUS, in his videos. He "cracks" me up, with his comments, as he shows the self defense moves. This guy, I would like to meet, and just "hang out" with. But, with BOTH, Master Wong and yourself, many people must train with consistency, to reach near the level of effectiveness YOU BOTH HAVE. Common people, cannot "pick-up" a couple of "martial-art tricks" in a few days, and expect success against attackers. Please continue with your informative videos, everyone can learn from your actions. Thanks!

  10. ddrew 5000 says:

    Over on the active self protection channel they have a vid of a knife vs belt fight, belt guy whips the knife guy a couple times before getting stabbed in the neck and almost dying.

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