27 thoughts on “How to Uppercut in a Street Fight

  1. selfpolicing says:

    The tactic should be; Awerness, avoid, defuse, pre-emption, continuous attack with Dubbel palmstrike, elbows, knees and chokes with a "Who Dares Wins" mindset. Good video! Take care!

  2. 1981menso says:

    Nick, My son is 11, I had him in traditional Karate, he is a yellow belt.  We moved and he didn't want to go to another karate dojo. What self defense discipline would you recommend? 

  3. Ishbu101 says:

    I lI've in tampa. What kind of fighting style would you recommend since I probably won't ever get a chance to attend your classes. People recommended krav maga as well as Japanese jujitsu. Any thoughts on this? Thanks.

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