How to turn your GROIN into Real iron GROIN

How to turn your GROIN into Real iron GROIN Martial Arts Master teaches How to How to turn your penis into Real iron GROIN how to throw a punch, how to …

29 thoughts on “How to turn your GROIN into Real iron GROIN

  1. says:

    as I know , in yoga we say that every part of a body (is connected to a differnt part of a body also &) is connected to a part of a brain which makes affects to the mind so this is not only the application for a fight but it is about something more subtle may be …
    as yogis works very much in their groin and anus muscle (thou it seems the do not work on any other muscle) for their first and their second chakra and activition of certain parts of their mind and energizing their nervous system , it may be , be another method in martial arts to activate those areas with different kind of practice and energy , you can read about this practice in yoga in a book called : Moola Bandha: The Master Key
    Book by Satyananda Saraswati and Swami Buddhananda , and you can check some aghora yogis dick trainings too if you want 😀
    ♥ love and respect to you master wong ♥ I hope I could helped , YOu r amazing thanX

  2. Kenneth Prince says:

    Ive been hit in the balls in a fight before but i feel as if training it like that is pointless because number one it probably won't work right once your tough enough to swing a brick from it and number two in a fight your not going to feel the pain anyway from a single hit to the balls and I dont think some one is going to get off multiple hits

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