How to turn your arm into Real iron arm

How to turn your arm into Real iron arm Martial Arts Master teaches How to Wing chun vs Bodybuilder, how to throw a punch, how to throw a punch correctly, …

27 thoughts on “How to turn your arm into Real iron arm

  1. ShaolinDreams says:

    As you can see Master Wong is the small guy but his arms are very well conditioned… You could see with the two big fellas how strong are Master Wong's arms really are!.. Irons arms!… Always loved this conditioning method in Wing Chun.. it really helped my technique later on.

  2. Aint so Clumzy says:

    How come I've never seen MASTER WONG in a real fight or something…all your doing is dancing….I mean yea your all strong n'shit….but nobody has ever seen you in a real fight! MMA ,UFC, ANYTHING!


  3. Julian Loo says:

    His forearms are bruising during the recording. Damn that's funny. Conditioning of anything starts from the bottom, slow, steady and progresses as our endurance increase and it is continuous. The old karate practitioners condition their fist and forearms by hitting stones with a steady force daily until their knuckles grow thick skins.

  4. Vipin Chalil says:

    Master Wong,
    I enjoyed your video… excellent. But, is it true that they say "You need to apply a 'Chinese medicine' around your arms after the 'conditioning training'?? If so, Can I know the name of the medicine?

  5. Sajidul Karim says:

    I conditioned my knuckles by punching the walls and anything that got in my way(was too inspired by martial movies). After few months now I can throw a lot of punches on the heavy bag bare hand.

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