How to Trap in a Street Fight

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25 thoughts on “How to Trap in a Street Fight

  1. PPaco N. Martinez-Garoutte says:

    I'm a stout individual; Less than 6' tall but I tilt the scales at 335# Former nose tackle / center linebacker (depended upon whether we ran a 3 /4 /4 defense or a 4 /3/5 defense.
    LOVED the www story of the 70 y/o in Britain who was going to withdraw $300 pounds from her ATM but was attacked b y muslims (?) what a 'surprise'.
    The grabbed the #1 assailant by his lapels and smashed his face REPEATEDLY into the metal teller machine!!!!

  2. stormy says:

    Excellent, Nick! You could add a bit of a hop to get up higher on his chest to reach down to his middle back to grab the shirt. Push yourself off and let your body weight take you down and the shirt up OVER his head as you perform a back roll into a standing position. He'll be blinded as well as discombuberated. Then run…or if not, reach up under his armpit, grab his nipple and twist the sucker off! I'd BITE it off but hell that is just me, grins. For Mario, I already wrote you, Nick, this, but instead of t shirt I grabbed the skin at the lower back of a teenage boy twice my size, I was 8? And HE tossed me down and away from him with his skin in my claws ripping the skin off his back almost to his shoulder blades. I kinda got a concussion but he got 70 something stitches and never bothered my baby brother or sisters or me ever again. Actually no one tried…grins!

  3. Zakariya Mohammed says:

    Thanks for the tip man,

    Just a quick question:

    In one of your videos, you use a hemet that has a full face cover in order to practice (so you don't hurt your partner).

    Could you tell me what that helmet is called please?

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