How to Trap in a Street Fight (Self Defense)



Learn effective self defense: ▻ If you’ve ever been in a street fight, you probably noticed that things can get pretty …

8 thoughts on “How to Trap in a Street Fight (Self Defense)

  1. Nifadh says:

    Hey Nick, Nice video as always man! Can you make a video on how to defend yourself from a fight in school, without hurting the enemy much and thereby not getting into big trouble?

  2. David Collins says:

    Hi Nick. Here’s a scenario for you to advise on: your upstairs, you have family in the house and you are alerted to the fact there may be an intruder. How should you proceed? Do you bother the police, or is it just your imagination or a pigeon? Do you sweep the house and if so, how do you do that? Do you go to protect your family, or is this an overreaction as you may just be being jumpy? Also what to do if you do sweep the house and find one or more intruder; and how do you sweep the house? Best regards

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