How To Tie a Fender to Your Boat [Boat Tips]



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19 thoughts on “How To Tie a Fender to Your Boat [Boat Tips]

  1. jawhitak says:

    NEVER DO THIS!!!!! Never tie anything to a stancien or rail!!! They are attached to the deck any stain and pulling on them works their bases and break their seal. These bases will time no longer be water tight and will allow moisture in that will rot the wood core of the fiberglass and destroy your boat!!

  2. Jeff Pickens says:

    Lol… haters make me laugh! This knot is called a clove hitch, and according to the American Sailing Association is "commonly used to hang fenders." Before criticizing an individual's attempt to help others, ask yourself 2 questions; 1) Am I truely qualified to offer an opinion, and 2) Does what I am about to say add value to the discussion. For those that tuned into this video to learn a useful knot for hanging fenders, study this video, it will help you.

  3. pforce9 says:

    Thanks for calling them fenders. If you call them bumpers it means that you are using them wrong. As for attaching them I find that a clove hitch works just fine.

  4. High Velocity says:

    I disagree.  I use 2 half hitches side by side (Clove), and a half hitch on the down line, leaving a pull loop tail.  It's easy to adjust before you put the down half hitch on.  Taking it off is a snap, pull the tail and the half hitches.

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