How to Throw Knives Using the Spin Technique

If you are a beginner knife thrower this video should help you when you first start throwing knives. The most frustrating part is when it doesn’t stick– but after you …

39 thoughts on “How to Throw Knives Using the Spin Technique

  1. rougarou says:

    Xollette..As a spin thrower myself, you absolutely impress me. I'm 37 and have been throwing since i was 4. I use to compete at SCA events (yes i'm a dork) and never lost a competition. I think that I have witnessed someone (you) who is worlds better than me. I have been humbled. Keep it up!

  2. Vinja Ram0s says:

    This video helped me out so much Colette! No spin was relatively easy to pick up but I've been struggling with rotational. After watching this I've been sticking half spins consistently. Thanks so much!

  3. Zachary Long says:

    i just got the cold steel pro flight sport and i was trying to throw them into a tree trunk and plywood and they keep bouncing out i would love some fed back about how i can make a successful stick. thanks!!!!

  4. rafecolii says:

    I've been throwing knives for about two months. I can't stop the blades from spinning hard, and it feels only by chance when the knives stick. I try to be consistent with my throwing energy, distance from target, and gripping, and I vary and experiment with the variables I just mentioned.My 5" knife set is a "Made in China" kinda deal. From distances of 2', 5', and +7' from target, how do I calculate and control the spin of the knife with sufficient force?

  5. Manga Freak says:

    I was copying her with a pencil while i was sitting down eating my salad at the dining room table and when i use the handle throw, i accidentally let it go and there is a small hole in the china cabinet but its really small but i lost my appetite o_o

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