How to Throw Knives (For Beginners) – Military Style (Half-Spin)

here is great example of Military Half Spin: Another Example by Jason …

20 thoughts on “How to Throw Knives (For Beginners) – Military Style (Half-Spin)

  1. P Davis says:

    Adam, are you sliding your thumb down the flat of the knife like you slide your pointer finger down the spine of the knife when you do the no-spin throw?

  2. David says:

    This fellow is GOOD at throwing. Same style I have always used and way back when I was at a Boy Scout Jamboree over a thousand scouts there. I won the championship for knife throwing. Knife throwers were the commandos and hatchet throwers were the rangers.We had a showdown between the ranger champion and me as commando champ. He broke the handle on my knife so I used another, same thing,  the third knife was an American Army bayonet. I split the wooden handle on his hatchet and he kept on using it this was his mistake I won the overall championship for the jamboree.The half turn throw came natural to me although I often cut my hand as the blade slid out on longer throws. The half turn is ONLY USED FOR SPECFIC DISTANCES, no good for long throws. This lefty does it real well.

  3. illusiongenius says:

    I think this is my all time favorite video of yours because I use this technique too, and agree on the FUN and also accuracy. I find the muscle memory for half spin at 5 meters is a hard thing to accomplish. I am accurate in a 6" circle from 4 meters.

  4. surendhar Selvakumar says:

    Just came straight from DIY BO shuriken video, I didn't even heard this military spin. Anyway thanks for the video, adam. Lots of support from India…,
    Keep throwing knives at the targets and upload it…,

  5. Adam M says:

    hey thanks a lot your description was well done.You and Xolette are my Blade throwing God's! and I really appreciate your tutorials oh and by the way the both of you need to get together and have a contest Adam and XOlette that would be a fucking awesome Video I wonder who would win?????…lol the only real Advantage I see she has over you Adam is she's a lot better looking no offense LOL keep up the awesome work you both have help me to Leaps and Bounds.Thank You!

  6. Xolette says:

    Wow, that's really helpful that you simplified it to small, medium, and large. When my dad insisted on doing military half spin, I was trying to remember where to hold the blade for each distance… but I couldn't remember! Very cool. I'll have to show this to my dad for the next time he throws with me!

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