How to Throw a Knife Underhand | STREET KNIFE THROWING

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11 thoughts on “How to Throw a Knife Underhand | STREET KNIFE THROWING

  1. ThrowStar says:

    Check out DunnStyle,a new underhandish Technique/Throw. As far as power,range n quick rethrows its better than overhand for the simple fact you don't have to stretch your Arm back to gain momentum! It's a deceitful tactic throw(Having your Arms down by your side is the least threatening posture) As far as getting many throws off in the shortest amount of time possible, No other Technique comes close!!

  2. billy jack says:

    Only one way to find out how effective Knife Throwing is. All of you who are for it stand facing those who are against it and let the throwing weapon of your choice fly. I'm sure we will have a different opinion one way or another.

  3. John Greyman1776 says:

    if you can't teach yourself how to throw your last ditch weapon than your not smart enough to use a weapon. buy your self a grenade and jump on it when your out of defensive weapons. were counting on you to take out those that would do us normal people harm.

  4. AKlover says:

    Throwing a knife in a fight is beyond stupid in 99.999% of cases. Throwing knives is a novelty compartmentalize it as such and realize you will near as makes no difference never be in a situation where your life depends on sticking a thrown knife.

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