How To Throw A Knife – Schrade Throwing Knives First Review

I am often asked how to throw a knife. While I would never pretend to be an expert on how to throw knives, the brand new Schrade Throwing Knives seemed like …

21 thoughts on “How To Throw A Knife – Schrade Throwing Knives First Review

  1. rafeer896 says:

    blah blah blah. is this knife about throwing knives, or running your son around town? this is a very strange video. you need to make yourself a list of things to talk about when you make videos, and stick to the points on the paper. most of what you said in this video is useless, and just plain blather.

  2. Martina Dejaquiz says:

    OMGosh, you're like a grown man, but like a kid in a candy store with those knives! just go over there and give those dogs 1/3 of a weener frank a couple times a day or so and they won't make a sound in the future. thumbed it up & thx!

  3. Alexandru Sarion says:

    Was looking for review of these knives but sorry to say you are not a guy for throwing knives…. 3 main techniques are no-spin, half-spin, and full-spin… And throwing knives are only dangerous when wielded by someone not not mature enough… since they don't cut hey are more like a toy but still harm since the tip can go thru a metal can. Cold steel sureflight do easily

  4. Henry Cruz says:

    omg, i was going to subscribe but omg
    how many times are u going to repeat the same things. let me guess, throwing knives is dangerous…
    sorry, i looked at 3 of your vids and i cant take it anymore. work on the rambling.

  5. Barry Johnson says:

    "It is a foolish thing to do, it is extremely dangerous, this thing could bounce back and even put an eye out OR WORSE you could definitely tear up a knife". Knives – more important than human safety, this guy 2016.

  6. myster. E Jones says:

    Hi Brian, throwing knives is fun!☺ I throw 'no spin', I found spinning them to be hard er, I use stripped down Swiss army bayonets, the handle unscrews and leaves a wonderfully strong 13 and a half inch long thrower, cheap too, especially if you buy broken handled ones, as you're only gonna chuck them away ☺ ( p.s. if anyone wants Swiss army bayonet handles, I 've got 6 just sitting here )

  7. Wes S says:

    I throw knives at just about anything. I like the Dart reference. Friend of mine and me were having a friendly game of darts, tied one one, shot the bull for first throw. He went single on the wire right side, and started bragging. I pulled out my old timer and did a single spin into the double. My wife be-raided me, my friend bought us a round. Lucky is better than good any day!

  8. steelgila says:

    No rotation doesn't make sense. Fighting the laws of physics. I would want the power and gyroscopic stability of natural rotation. Arrows rotate,bullets rotate…planets etc.All spheres described turn about their axis. But each to his own.

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