How to Throw a Knife: Different Styles | COMBAT KNIFE THROWING

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50 thoughts on “How to Throw a Knife: Different Styles | COMBAT KNIFE THROWING

  1. Alpha Fort says:

    i am really really impressed. very awesome ++. Many of those throws looked "casual"and slow, but the force of the blade was obvious. it's definitely obvious that this is survival oriented. Surprising too the long distances possible without spin.

  2. Anon Mason says:

    8:50 That struggle with the knife in the log… I mean really? Just wedge the blade off to one side.
    Seeing that makes me question everything else said. Especially when you grab what would be the sharp edge of the blade.
    This is not teaching people anything positive or safe.

    Even if it was from some other video, it's being shown out of context here. Which is negative training.

  3. BrazenBullXXX says:

    Considering that fine motor coordination, perception, and focus are all strained during a life or death circumstance, it is not an overall intelligent decision to literally throw your only means of defense away. In my own opinion the difference between performance throwing and martial arts throwing is that performance throwers know that it isn't practical while martial arts throwers are under the impression it is practical. Just ask yourself this: How many people have defended themselves in a life or death situation by throwing a knife/sword/tomahawk? None that are around to tell the story. This is coming from a fan of throwing axes as well.

  4. Jon LeClair says:

    Hey Ralph, awesome video. I learned a lot! What's that symbol on the drum behind you (It looks norse) and where are you located? The hills behind you are an amazing backdrop. Thanks for the instruction. Take care.

  5. Stacy Steele says:

    Hahahaha I love the part ' even if you don't do the tricks in your throwing, it's good for entertainment value because it makes it much more socially acceptable….' , opposed to 'looking like a lunatic' was what I hoped you were going to finish off that sentence with. Great video!

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