22 thoughts on “How to throw a knife Combat style / Half spin for the kill.

  1. Meng Lee says:

    I broke the blade in half, on one of my 6 pc set throwing knives. The blade broke in half, from impact of throwing it too hard and fast. 😀 I am too rough, so I will just stick to the easier throwing shurikens and great swords. Yeah, throwing shurikens doesn't take skills, but it's easier in a real fight.

  2. 666devilknight says:

    …advantage over a gun, in a close in situation, if you are trained to use them. however, i am not going to argue with you further. i am sure you are combat trained and qualified to assert your opinion, in these matters. i am sure that your wisdom far exceeds the decades of training, that i have had. so i will bow out to your superior knowledge.

  3. 666devilknight says:

    ..to get your wallet, or rape you ( if you are a women ), unless he is in range. there are a lot of techniques that can be used to overcome someone with a gun, even if you are disarmed. attacks happen every day. an outrageous number, in fact. the largest number of violent situations do not actually involve guns. stats show that household items are used far more often, in murders, than guns. again, in any case, you are always better with your weapon than without. knives even have a sleight…

  4. 666devilknight says:

    throwing a knife is fun. it's worth learning for that reason. or, if you carry a few knives, for that purpose, it can be a good distraction technique, to allow you to attack with your primary weapon or flee. however, throwing your only knife at an attacker, using a gun, or running like a rabbit, will just get you shot. if you are out of range to engage in hand to hand, your knife is useless against the man with the gun. however, most gun incidents occur at close range. an assailant can't hope…

  5. Cressx says:

    Ok, don't throw it or run…just stand there and die with your knife in your hand.
    If I don't have a firearm and the other guy does…throwing a knife is my only option.
    I carry a knife as a tool, and as light protection. I don't carry a gun.
    People don't get into "real combat situations" all the time, nor do a lot of people carry a gun.
    Knowing how to throw your knife, if you carry one, is a totally realistic situation…and at least worth learning the basics.

  6. 666devilknight says:

    that's a very unrealistic comment. if he has a gun, you would not rush him with a hand weapon. it is very doubtful you will kill your opponent with a thrown knife. running from an enemy is dangerous and you never throw away your only weapon. i'm not talking about Hollywood or play fighting. I am talking about a real situation.

  7. Cressx says:

    Or the other guy could just shoot you.
    If you are in actual combat…I'd rather throw it kill the guy, or miss and run away.

    I'm not going to try and bum rush him with a knife in my hand.

  8. GlassW00f says:

    First video I've seen with a proper knife throwing technique. This is the same way I learned to throw a knife when I was about 14 years old, from a veteran MAC/V-SOG operator. I can throw at pretty much any distance, simply by adjusting how far up the blade I hold the knife, and by knowing the balance vs distance from muscle memory. I rarely ever miss. Thanks for sharing this technique with others.

  9. samoth chipmah says:

    i think too its a very powerful throw and its also very easy to learn.everybody can do in a few minutes,but i dont like the dependency on the distance and also the small distance.so i worked for months on no spin throwing.and i must say its hard,very hard,but its so much fun if you make progress.you make a throw from 1,2,3,4,5 meters always with the same technic.thats cool!!and you can throw also very hard,so the penetration depth is nearly the same like spin throwing.
    have fun 🙂

  10. 666devilknight says:

    best not to throw your kinfe, in combat, uless it is not your only weapon or you have no other choice. better your knife, in your hand, than your knife, lying on the ground or in his hand. movies make knife throwing look like the deadliest art. chances are, if you hity him, you will not kill him; just slow him down, for a minute.

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