How To Survive A Mass Shooting, Home Invasion or Terrorist Take Over

I am asked often what to do if you are caught inside a building during a shooting. I go over ways I think that will increase you survival chances and suggest some …

28 thoughts on “How To Survive A Mass Shooting, Home Invasion or Terrorist Take Over

  1. sae1095hc says:

    Good info! You included the most important thing to do to increase your odds of surviving a mass shooting, that's always left out of the silly gov instructions and videos, is have a gun on your person.

  2. Carol V says:

    I saw the Columbine documentary and I bet if some of those teens listened to this advice less would have bee killed. Of course, this advice was not available to them. Hope schools do a better job now.

  3. Anrae Godley-Cooper says:

    When I came home from my last deployment and tried a job at working security one of the supervisor's asked me what should he do in case of a mass Shooting, I said shoot back, he reminded me we were in a Gun Free Zone and I said that's nice, still shoot back.

  4. Stefano Dogg says:

    What do I do if I'm in a big box store or mall ? I'll pull the AR15 PDW .300 BLK with 60 rd Magpul drum out of the tennis bag I carry it in, stick a few stick mags in my pockets and do what is required. At home it's the 12 GA with 00. On the street I always carry my 15 shot 10MM Witness with Lehigh penetrator rounds staggered in it, no windshield or car door penetration worries. Use other parked vehicles and concrete barriers as cover. I like shemaughs too, there are some with AK47/AR15/skull themes, BTW

  5. sisco says:

    I've been in shootings, it happens when you live or have lived in Chicago, what I've done, 1st you go OMG WTFks going on,,2nd by the time you reacted, bullet holes in cars, windows and very possibly a person dead on the ground, and you be panicking checking yourself to see if you've been hit, we were home invaded, couldn't do anything cause the guy was already running with his back facing us. 2time my pit bull was the greater, messy.

  6. GOTTshua says:

    I remember the first time I happened to be in a school, visiting a teacher during her lunch hour, when one of their "drills" went off. I was out the back-door asap. Forget that "sitting-duck" mentality.

  7. Mark H says:

    Cars need to be limited to 5 Gallon Gas Tanks .. I was looking at your wall. did you spray Urethane foam on it .

    Hey Rick : Liberals will say stop giving Terrorists ideas! Gasoline and a Match could kill all the people in a building .. So Now Terrorists are are lighting forest fires and then shooting at the fire fighters..

    So now when the Government wants to burn people off their property they will light huge fires then claim the firefighters are getting shot at they will not send out firefighters..

  8. says:

    I knew you were Military. But i had to sift thru a fiew clips to be sure. The give away was on a previous video when you said the other officer SHOULD HAVE been returning fire, so the officer # 1 could reload.. nice job.,….

  9. Peter K says:

    DHS (ha ha) says run, hide, fight…in that order. When the cops get there, they're not there to protect or save you, they're there to 'neutralize' the shooter. My plan works around the fight aspect.

  10. batray182 No says:

    Great advice, Rick. It's good to hear the perspective of someone who has training and experience about these things. Good comment about "the great equalizer", too. Too many women are afraid of guns, but there's no reason to be. With proper training and a bit of common sense, and the only danger is to the people who would do them harm.

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