How to survive a Machete Attack: Knife Fighting Techniques for Self Defence – Part 2



Knife Fighting: Machete Part 2 In this video, we teach you how to survive a Machete Attack. A machete is a common tool used throughout the world. It’s cutting …

6 thoughts on “How to survive a Machete Attack: Knife Fighting Techniques for Self Defence – Part 2

  1. Daniel Skipp says:

    Aside from the fact that a vertical arc slash is easy to defend from nobody is going to attack with a machete grabbing like that, unless it is to threaten. Real machete attackers don't try to grab you because they instinctively fear cutting themselves, plus it is unnecessary.

  2. Cat Mandu says:

    A machete is a dangerous tool of destruction. If you are ever in a situation where your attacker has a machete, you need to understand, he intends to kill you. These techniques are done slowly and with compliance. Attacks do not come in this fashion. These techniques need to be practised with speed a thousand times and you are still at a severe disadvantage in a machete attack. Eyes and throat are your main objectives in blade attacks. Honor means nothing when you're dead.

  3. All Things Equal says:

    "how to survive a single blade attack": train for decades or RUN. Double or long blade: Run for decades then hide under a train. WADR – Ving Tsun has its purpose against flesh and batons but this will give some poor fool the confidence to sacrifice a limb.

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