42 thoughts on “How to Survive a Knife Threat

  1. TheDabEnthusiast says:

    its ok now. thx though im in a bigger house with my grandparrents, they have 2 rifles and a revolver. plus a couple bats/pocket knifes in hidden places. i havent heard from him in almost 5 months so. plus ive grown a little, im 6foot and 160 lbs of almost all muscle. thanks though for your concern

  2. yammi yanni says:

    عاشوا ااا يا ملووووووك تحياتي لكل االمنتدى من اعضاء وتحية خاصة لادارة المنتدى ومبروك عالتغيير …….وشكراأ

  3. George Gallows says:

    a male who has never dreamed of being kicked in the balls or dick real hard will fall down into crouching position after cutting her neck too much that she goes into a grave . a male should always tell the sexy lady he is stealing from that he won't harm her with that knife meaning she can take the knife off him and all he can do is wrestle to get the handbag BUT a male that calls abuses her with nasty words like calling her a lady dog he will try and kill her if she kicks him in the dick balls

  4. George Gallows says:

    if a sexy lady kicked me in the balls or the dick : )-
    while i got a knife to her neck i'll enjoy the pain that i have been dreaming of this day all my 26 years i have been alive and the dream never goes away .
    i'll put the knife away and grab her neck from behind with my arms and sit her down GENTLY and tell her to throw her handbag onto the floor then i'll let go grab her handbag walk away not run because running will bring the pain in my balls or dick to come on .

  5. George Gallows says:

    just give him everything he asks then when he is running away " who chasing who ? "
    : D
    run slowly after him the only two easy targets are his head and his bum , his running too fast remember his backside is tense avoiding damage from you ,
    for people who don't enjoy harming strong people you have no choice he has a knife , follow him every run then when he stops PUNCH HIM IN HIS SPINE AS HARD AS YOU CAN OR THE BACK OF HIS NECK OR IF HE TURNS AT YOU KICK HIM IN HIS KNEES REAL HARD .

  6. Cerbero3333333 says:

    @jobo9173 not true because you are using all your body + body weight to keep him still. these techniques are made to work in any case. sure is that some of them will be harder than other but if you mastered completely the technique you can use it on anyone using lever principles (that is what they r called like right?)

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