How To Survive a Knife Fight on the Ground!



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32 thoughts on “How To Survive a Knife Fight on the Ground!

  1. Rafael Incolor says:

    Im brazilian and i training bjj everyday every week and i have a little sugestion never be the men with the back on the ground, this is a best situation to stay on top eveer !! Se não for pra ficar por cima então evite essa posiçao ao máximo as chances de quem fica por baixo são minimas , principalmente se o oponente tiver conhecimento ou dominio do cem kilos ( side control) joelho no Abdômen ( knee on belly) etc..

  2. vasily202 says:

    Any criminal with a gun who commits a crime is a POS. Anyone who commits a crime using a knife (or machete, sword, stones, blunt object, sharp object…) deserves the death penalty. That is some up close shit where you can actually feel the blood, flesh and heat of the person. It doesn't take balls to do that, it takes less than animalistic behavior. An eye for an eye. There should be a knife connected to a machine that repeatedly stabs such people to death as their death penalty. It will not prevent every crime, as some countries have the threat of beheading but it doesn't deter all crime, but at least it sends some messages to at least a few would be stabbers.

  3. Wasabe Channel says:

    You are selling on fear tactics show it don’t use this low tactic to be the same as the one pulling the knife.

    1) you are selling this product because you know the insecure position of the psyche. You do indeed have this knowledge but to withhold it out of fear you are pulling a phycological knife on people who need genuine help.

    2) don’t act like a wolf when you claim to be the sheep dog, you are either going to prospect the herd or flock or pick from their bones, or wallets.

    3) if you truly are here to help them demonstrate your power. Why are you resorting to this type of marketing?

    I am always happy when those who train in martial arts and self defense take the time and effort to show those who need help. But this does not help anyone you are wasting time, you are tricking and mugging these people of their time just like that person with the knife you are the same. So I take you down in words, and ask you to reform and come back to your training and honor as those who protect not those who prey on the fearful.

  4. Morpheus Hill says:

    Just to pass along some of the things I learned is once you've made it past the break and thrusting is no longer happening and you are in a lock work the hand to your core (without getting stabbed of course) and lock the arm. From there you can work the attacker in many ways. If he goes for the blade with his other hand it allows you tangle it up and get it yourself, or attempt roll outs while not having to be fighting a downward force. You can also attempt at that point working fingers back. Lastly everyone always goes for the thumb first to break the grip but it is sometimes more beneficial to go for the pinky or ring finger and break that fucker off. With a broken finger the attacker will loosen his grip.

  5. EffE says:

    That would be a tough position, because not only the knife, but becasue he's high mounted on the guy. I can think of ways to break that mount without the knife, but with the knife in the equation it seems close to impossible. It sounds like it's a good video to have.

  6. Hoss V11 says:

    That situation would be my worst nightmare. This would be a great education course Im sure, especially with all the brilliant minds that are always featured here.

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