47 thoughts on “How to Survive a Knife Attack to the Back

  1. anonyme1322 says:

    ok so, let's resume :

    the guy behind you enter the knife in your back and when the knife is well inside your body, you just realize that someone has just hitten you in your back and then you repeat the movement you have learnt in this video

    eh eh eh, very helpful then

  2. Luis Alvarado says:

    Even in this situation the defense makes no sense. Supposing running away is no option, why would you turn to the inside of the attacking arm when turning to the outside would limit more of the attackers leverage and arm movement in case of a follow up strike? We should question everything and really think things through.

  3. Christie Wagner says:

    That is so ridiculous. You need a lot of strength to go from the submissive arm position to the "control" position. And what do you think the attacker is going to be doing in the meantime? Thinking of pudding recipes in his head? And if you succeed in achieving the "control position" for a few seconds then run, the attacker will be right behind you and will be extra angry that you resisted and will make short shrift of you with his knife. Has this instructor ever been in a real life, non-classroom life-and-death situation? Doesn't appear so to me.

  4. Hated Out Yo says:

    This is pretty accurate. You are probably going to get cut while defending from a knife attack just like if you are in a fist fight you probably are going to get punched but some of the techniques in this video are ways to stop from getting stabbed severely multiple times. If I may add some things as a victim of a knife attack, try to pin the knife down even if it means getting cut a little. When someone comes at you with a knife it usually is not one stab. They are coming rapidly and stabbing anything they can. Try to neutralize that arm and pin it down. Its going to be hard but just keep fighting never give up and if you get the knife off of them kill them. Don't throw it or run just kill them. I suggest though when being attacked to get as close to them as possible if there is no where to run. grab the wrist that is holding the knife and be aware of their attacks. The only way a knife with penetrate is if there is a lot of force behind it and the closer you are the less force that is built up. Strike eyes throat tear ears and bite if you can. If you get away or kill the attacker make sure you are aware of wounds and try to put compression on the serious ones. In my attack i passed out.

  5. Genghis Khron says:

    This is a different type of situation, obviously if someone was going to knife you, you're gong to get knifed if you're not able to react fast enough
    THIS is already after you have determined that the assailant does not in fact want to harm you, instead this situation is about someone who wants to rob you.at knife point(giving you a slight opportunity)
    That being said, NOTHING in this video is practical for combat or self defense as there are far safer and more efficient ways to mitigate threats

  6. iamphon99 says:

    I just watched a bit more of the video.
    Really?! Moving back until you feel the knife? Is that what you are suggesting? Really!???

    This is a suicide move. Period.

    Watch real knife attacks on youtube and see how it goes down in real life. It ain't like that at all. It's brutal! It's fast! It's extremely serious!

    No attacker will ever let you move like that! He will cut you like there is no tomorrow.

  7. iamphon99 says:

    I've got a better technique that works 100% all the time for this particular position.

    It's called RUN LIKE HELL!

    And is part of the ancient school of though called: "Common sense"

  8. flxhrnndz1 says:

    Dude, In real life that big guy would stab the shit out of anyone. His size alone useing a thrust motion in-out-in-out you not going to hold his hand or use a fancy knife tech. Real life stabing is not a Born move…You need to see that shit coming in time, pull out your Glock and shoot the fucker….LOL

  9. HotsDonutz says:

    lol this is fail. How to survive a knife attack = run!!! IF you are going to try to disarm someone holding a knife you will only get cut. Either u run or u find something to throw at the attacker to get momentum. Up close 1v1 you are dead or will be serious hurt if you are trying to fight someone with a knife.

  10. Chris I says:

    1:42 "worst case scenario, move yourself back slowly until you can feel it" LMAO this has to be a joke. if someone pulls a knife to my back im gonna back into it so I can make a feeble attempt to disarm him instead of just moving forward??

  11. Chris I says:

    1:00 Something tells me with a postion like that guy has, you are going to get cut in the face pretty bad. Maybe not as life threatening as a stab to the liver, but yea.

  12. Justericpersonal says:

    I have to agree agree that this guy in the video has a decent technique somewhat but,like houseskaterclaudio said,you're at much more of a risk when you move your arms if it is real and have a better chance running. I was thinking of the technique and I would never trust it. if it is a knife,then it won't do much if you run forward. but,the slightest arm moves and you will get stabbed. Think about it! 🙂 God bless you!

  13. Jan P says:

    look at the attacker. he's almost 3 feet behind the guy with his arm fully extended. if someone were to really put a knife to your back and demand money or whatever it is they want they would be standing close up behind you and probably have the other hand on your shoulder or grabbing your arm

  14. erzazerzaz says:

    if you have a knife to your back, no knife of your own, and controlled, you are as good as dead – if you fck around. better not to train yourself fighting out of situations you have no chance to fight out.

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