How to survive a knife attack | 4 essential tips



Watch our experts share four essential tips for coming out on top in a knife fight. Learn how to turn the tables on your attacker or, if that’s not possible, how to …

39 thoughts on “How to survive a knife attack | 4 essential tips

  1. Joseph Long says:

    The only exception if the guy has muscle and he can bench alot you may not be able to maneuver his arm i. Jusr woke up out of dream against a gang member with knife? And decided to google this. Its scarry in dream but different in real life you may never know?if you go to bar?someone has?one you want to?learn alll options?possible to defend

  2. Peter August says:

    there is a simnple answer on what is going to happen if you try to defend against a serious knife attack: You die…

    There is literally no way you will get out of that in shape. The real world is not John wick and even a decenty trained defender will lose against an untrained attacker with a knife. You might be able to block one or two blows, but there will be a third and a fourth and a fifth… The only way to defend is with another weapon and if you live in merkelstan you are simply fucked.

    These techniques shown here are ridiculous. You dont simply push an attacker against a wall, making him complie, that is not going to happen.

  3. The Movement School says:

    While I enjoy and respect much of the content posted on this channel, I strongly disagree with the way some of these tips are being presented in this video.

    1) Running away is NOT always the best option, in most cases, it is statistically the worst option… Negotiation should always be considered and presented as your first tip of survival. If you can diffuse a situation with a conversation, you should. Running is and should be a last resort, not a first resort. There are literally thousands of security surveillance videos of people running from a knife-wielding assailant and getting run down and stabbed repeatedly in the back, side, etc. Run yes, but ONLY if you have already disengaged and are clear to do so. Running from an attacker wielding a knife who is still within close combat distance is usually a fatal error.

    2) Raising your arms to protect your vitals? The inside of your wrists, and inner biceps, armpits are ALL vital points that if stabbed or otherwise lacerated would result in a potentially life-threatening injury, is it worse than an exposed carotid sheath? Perhaps, but it is still vital none the less. Raising your arms exposes those vitals. That said, do you need to raise your arms to cover and isolate the weapon from the opponent? Usually, yes you do, but there is a matter of timing and proximity. If you just stand there with your arm up you are asking to be slashed across the wrist, or stabbed in a bicep. ONLY raise your arms to meet and isolate given the opponent's incoming trajectory. This is what the defender in the video above is usually doing, but the corresponding bullet point is dangerously misleading. As a combat instructor, I felt obligated to point this out.

    3) Closing the distance is NOT a key to survival, isolating the weapon from the opponent is. Period. This can involve closing the distance but not always. Look closely at the video examples. What we see repeatedly in the video above is the unarmed individual isolating the weapon from the opponent, though, it is the attacker with the knife that is usually closing the distance.

    4) Absolutely always use the environment to your advantage if possible! This tip is well-stated, but not adequately displayed, as the video only shows one example environment when it could have shown many.

    In conclusion, while I do not disagree with what they are teaching, I strongly feel that it could and should be better communicated, less it is misunderstood and used inappropriately to a fatal error.

    With respect,

    ~ 20-year Martial art veteran and combat instructor, trained in military and edged impact weapons combat.

  4. Strykerr Rukerr says:

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