How to Survive a Dog Attack

How to defend a dog attack? What should you do if you’re attacked by a dog? Should you run or fight? There is the only one way to survive. You are enjoying …

38 thoughts on “How to Survive a Dog Attack

  1. Solomon Chetri says:

    I have known one thing, that all dogs are not playful. There don't don't run after an object you throw at the other side but on the dog which is a better option. Dogs are scare of getting hit by a stone. Even if there is no stone, just pretend picking a stone and hit them again and again.

  2. Gleb Olkhovsky says:

    I was hiking outside my city when I saw a car and a chair on the road. It was in a desert area. Out of the corner, a dog came out running in my direction. I remained calm, told it firmly to back off and I myself slowly stepped back. The dog calmed down and its owners showed up and took it away. But I can't hide or escape in this situation where there are no places to hide in. So pretending to throw something wouldn't work really. Plus I have asthma so running is a double no-go for me.

  3. Fit2Vlog says:

    Due to dogs I not use shortcut way …..everyday I go threw a long distance and sometime they bark on me and 4-5 dog cover me I realise only 1 dog is a leader if u pressurized on that everyother dog not comes behind you, you can do this by showing u have something which can hurt them..

  4. Rap Fan 4Ever says:

    just 3 important things, don't eye contact with a dog & don't be scary coz dogs feel that u are scary and they try to attack u, and never get anything from the ground , like rock etc , coz the dog will attack u!

  5. Toby B says:

    If you see a dog run towards you, crouch to pick a rock or stone. Pretend to do this if there is none. Hold your arm cocked + threaten.
    Don't turn your back on a dog.
    When cycling in suburbia or motorcycling over rough terrain, dogs guarding territory will bite at your feet. Carefully time a swinging kick at the nose.

  6. Crystal Ramacciotti says:

    I been bitten a few times, I tend to always do the wrong things but I was at a friend's house with a very mean protective dog that would bit and literally Instead of him intimidating me I would walk in the gate and intimidate him by being loud and pushing my weight around kinda charging toward him but not fast just saying go go back back no no it works every time now

  7. Ermal Mustafa says:

    Now I realize that other videos are not helpful because i know if dog attack you better run i i have seen this a lot of times people fighting or staying without moving and thats the problem

  8. Norman Gerring says:

    I went for my morning run, and at one point I heard barking and saw a large white German Shepherd type dog who had gotten out of his yard running after me. I stopped, waited at when he got close I pointed and said 'NO'. He put on the brakes, looked up at me for awhile, turned and went home. Another time while in my driveway and dog came up barking at me. He didn't seem interested in getting closer than about 10 ft so I never felt threatened. His owner and he were out for a walk and the owner came up and started to yell at him and I said 'He was only trying to protect you, he's a good dog'. Yes he should have been on a leash but everyone worked out fine. I like dogs & cats.

  9. francis ian villar says:

    all i do when this happen is to stop, get mad look at him in the eye and hunt it down…the situation got reversed i am the one running after it while im so mad….they never get a chance on me…they can realy sense fear and anger..that im sure..try to sit grap.a stone throw it at them.and i shout ihodep0ta

  10. Saloni Saloni says:

    A dog and two of his four children attacked me.I tried to run away and was successful.I jumped over the gates of a person's house and I got a thick stick,so I went out and fought with them for nearly 30 minutes.But they were not wiling to go,but after that my sister came and saved me from them.

  11. Theresa Kanost says:

    I turned and faced a charging Rottweiler, and then did a loud Karate kia/Yell!! The dog froze in front of me! I did another yell, after which the owner came to his door & called the dog back across the street. I have used the yell technique on other dogs, too!

  12. Bidmartinlo says:

    I was attacked by a Tibetan spaniel once. Didn't even notice it biting my toe until I got a tickling sensation and I looked down. We became "friends" after I had been it's guardian for a few months.

  13. Sherwin Yu says:

    My friend who is a body builder picked up a concrete pole and goes to the dog who is about to attack us. They are both ferocious. The dog ran to its territory right after he saw that he cant win

  14. #1 Roblox Troll says:

    Omg thank u. There was a stray dog barking at me on the way to my apartment, and then I remembered this video, so I just stood still and looked in front of me, and then the dog barked for 20 more seconds and than ran away

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