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36 thoughts on “HOW TO STREET FIGHT!!! RAW COMBAT!!!

  1. Eric Aoki says:

    no doubt that all SAS special forces and other special forces are experts into this field of fighting. why do i know that? lol because last weekend i've just witnessed a though guy who was looking for some trouble outside the club and he obviously hooked up with the wrong guy. ive never seen this before but the stranger disarmed the though guy and beaten him up within seconds, no joke! afterwards he hast just left immediately, someone told me that he used to be a SAS soldier

  2. Baron Baanus says:

    @whythisway Thats the thing. You would most likely be charged for murder or at the least man slaughter. Run away if you can. Dont actually involve yourself in a street fight.

  3. MechPhantom says:

    luke i just wanna ask all ur techniques like for example the CQC tehniques, street fight tactics and deadly fighting skills where is it mainly influenced from? is it mostly silat or kung fu or both? or just silat? thx ur reply is most aprreaciated

  4. Stud328 says:

    I think for a self-defense coach your argumentation is very suspect. To say someone could get killed because you pushed him, so you can actually even stomp on his head is not true and very dangerous.
    Also it seems that you dont really worry about killing someone with this "techniques", which are just ways to do heavy and irreparably damage on your opponent, by calling it accidents.
    If u train soldiers ok, but for kids I think you are just the worst teacher they could get

  5. Andrew Hickey says:

    As per usual , this is just another example of your exceptional Real World Training System . Luke , I am always in awe of your natural and likable teaching style that will stay with your students, as you engage them in familiar terms and scenarios . Thanks mate …. Always a pleasure to find a new one of your clips .

  6. Street Smart Self Protection & Weapons ! - RCI says:

    @jackfudgeu thank you for trying to state the obvious.But guaranteeing a specific outcome bcos of the application of a specific technique is unrealistic. I have seen a lot of stomping on the jump. I have seen victims had their necks broken and the like. I have seen people trampled and get up unharmed. Being exposed to real violence on a regular basis made me realize one thing. NOTHING is predictable! All you can do is prepare yourself for the shades of shit

  7. Street Smart Self Protection & Weapons ! - RCI says:

    @whythisway yeah.. and I could push him away from me, he could slip on the curve and fall into on coming traffic. Accidents happen all the time.. you see it in the news with sportsmen in Aus going out on the piss, getting into fights and accidently killing someone. It happens. You and you alone are responsible for your own actions, regardless of what style you do. You don't have to fight so hard, just fight smart.. if you need to 😉
    Be safe

  8. Relentless says:

    Hi man, i would like to know which martial art did you started training with, cause you´re for real dude, i mean what do you do? Krav Maga, Muay Thai, some wu shu maybe?
    Anyway keep kicking ass dude and thnx for all these informative videos

  9. Street Smart Self Protection & Weapons ! - RCI says:

    @spartanwarrior1 all I can say is I practiced WingChun for a number of years and found it absolutely useless in security. I just got an email from a corrections officer in Canada telling me the same thing.. he's looking to do our course as you can't be throwing a hundred chain punches at an inmates face whilst trying to restrain him. I personally think it looks nice but not violent enough and not powerful enough either. I personally felt very restricted doing it…

  10. Street Smart Self Protection & Weapons ! - RCI says:

    @SomeMartialArtsGuy Fuck no!
    it's not hard to run up and smash anyone! I don't care how long you've been training!
    I've been king hit/sucker punched heaps of times working on the door (mind you there's a million things going on at any point in time you gotta have your mind on at once) but it doesn't matter.. It's like saying who's gonna win outta a Jujutsu guy and a boxer??…. The better man on the day! What's it matter what he does, if I don't hesitate & get in first I got the upper hand!

  11. Street Smart Self Protection & Weapons ! - RCI says:

    @wael77 'without giving them some perspective'???
    Were you there?? I don't think so.. Does watching this 3min clip (out of a whole session) justify such a statement ?? No.
    Out of the 19 countries I have been to and taught at do you really think I would do all this and NOT give a lecture at the beginning about self protection, what it is, reasonable use of force & professional responses (if security or LE)??

  12. Cap America says:

    what do you think of vertical punches,i.e. Lien wan kuen (chain punches), as they are used in wing chun? i know they are also used in the fma and i frequently do use them during sparrings (a maximum of 2 straight blasts but not more!). executing many vertical punches in a frequence is meant for training purposes only, while in reality one never delivers more than 2 well-aimed vertical strikes.

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