How To Start A Fire With A Bootlace & Pocket Knife

This video shows how to start a fire with nothing but a pocket knife and a bootlace and the materials you gather out in the wild. The technique used is the bow …

30 thoughts on “How To Start A Fire With A Bootlace & Pocket Knife

  1. Heidi Cook says:

    Hi JJ
    Did I miss something? You mentioned the board with the V and the spindle and bow part. I also noticed another piece of wood underneath the V board. what is it called and what type should it be? I have no experience at this and really appreciate your videos.

  2. James Cronin says:

    Where in the US are yucca plants AND cedar found together? I question the mutual availability of these materials. From the looks of the terrain in your video, I doubt if there are many yucca plants there. I think there might have been some "pre-planned" engineering and procurement going on before the fact here.

  3. Waymarker Bushcraft says:

    Breath, yeah, nobody ever mentions that and it's so important.  Nice video JJ, you sure made it look easy given the 'non-perfect' conditions, you should try in the damp cold Scottish air, lol.  The biggest problem I have is finding wood that's the right density in the wild. I have Lime/Basswood near where I live that is perfect but I'm still working on my material selection skills when at my camp.  Thanks for filming, Andy

  4. Robnord1 says:

    Last time I did a series of fires with this method was almost 40 years ago on survival hikes with a friend. I enjoyed watching an expert do it. We usually were exhausted  and had bleeding knuckles (spindle too short), but could light a fire anywhere, anytime. Very nice to know.

  5. Jim Wygralak says:

    Man, you make that look way too easy. I tried that mumble years ago when I was in the Scouts, but never got it to work. Its kind of on my bucket list to learn this skill. What materials can you recommend for those of us who live where Yucca don't grow? (Minnesota north woods. Cedar, pine, and hardwoods are plentiful)

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