How To Spot Bullshit Martial Arts Demos!

LEARN MORE: There are several ways to tell if the martial arts demonstration you’re watching is actually just smoke and …

31 thoughts on “How To Spot Bullshit Martial Arts Demos!

  1. Choy Mardo says:

    but also, even if that's an amazing martial arts i don't think it can withstand with the high voltage near.. WTF man your near in the substation.. it almost like 37, 000 volts..

  2. Soldier Vuster says:

    My instructor for tae kwon do told me the same thing all fights don't start from far off we have to create space with evasions and counters then once the range is created we incorporate or kicks

  3. Mark Anthony Gernandez says:

    to sum it all up.. there is no such thing as not effective martial arts. if you just train hard it will be useful someday. in street fight you just only need to do the basic things punch, kick, headbutt and use dirty tactics. in order to do a dirty fight you must know how to fight 😀

  4. Janne Grönmark says:

    When I was a kid, I quit karate because the "sparring" was just like this "bullshit" part here… way too far from sparring opponent and each punch had to be stopped before it even hit, if close enough. Those "I could have hit you, but stopped my punch" moments really were teaching how to NOT hit someone. What a shit load of crap (or other way around). If you gonna spar and are afraid of pain or getting hit, get gloves and some head protection. But for crying out loud, you won't learn anything without really trying to learn how to fight at proper distance (to hit AND to get hit too, because nobody is able to fight and think they won't get hit). So the message of this video is good and proper.

  5. Randy Curtis says:

    This will seem random but if you follow my thought process. I was watching some of Hatmaker's dirty boxing vids and this came up. See below. Will a few serious minded individuals watch this and explain all the hand popping and slapping? And also perhaps explain the verbal "BANG" or "BAM" ? The fact that comments are not allowed on any video that I checked on the channel does nor portend well for this Grand Master, if in fact that is what GM stands for, as he evidently doesn't have time to defend his training or his style.I realize I may be opening myself up for trolling but I hope a few educated fighters might actually look at the vid and shed a bit of light on my un-understanding Thanking you in advance for your reply.

    Panantukan Filipino Dirty Boxing 1

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