How to Sharpen Your Knife Without a Sharpener – Chemistry Life Hacks

29 thoughts on “How to Sharpen Your Knife Without a Sharpener – Chemistry Life Hacks

  1. James Ritchie says:

    Your terminology is wrong.  This is not "sharpening", it's "honing".  Eventually, the knife will actually get dull, meaning the edge is not just bent, it's flat.  At this point, honing no longer works, and you have to actually sharpen the knife again with a real sharpener.

  2. Carol Anne Benoit says:

    As long as we are talking physics, I have a great one for a hard to open jar. Take a heavy handled table knife and strike the jar's lid at an angle, in the direction the jar opens. It will break the seal and start the lid opening. Three or four small whacks should do it.

  3. Pastori Nestori says:

    From experience is that one of those ceramic fuse from fusebox is the best. The surface is smoother than in those sharpener stones.. You can get a knife as sharp as with leather or diamond vile. It just takes VERY much time…. But sure is worth it

  4. wolfie horn says:

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  5. Midnight Shadow says:

    This is barely chemistry, it's only the nature of the ionic bonds of the ceramics and the metallic bonds of the knife, but the motion, friction, and everything is simply kinematics and forces, in other words, physics

  6. elricdotah says:

    OR you can just use the back of another kitchen knife. They're always (given the same knife or at least fabric/manufacturer) hard enough to sharpen your blade, even if you have ceramic knifes and I've yet to encounter a kitchen knife that hasn't a 90° "edge" on the back.

  7. toastbrot says:

    One question: If you put a charged solid next to a water jet, the water jet will bend towards the charged solid.

    Is the explanation for this because of the water-dipoles who align themselves or is it because of the ions in the water?
    I would be very pleased, if there would be someone who knows the right answer and who wants to share it 🙂

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