How to Sharpen Your Chef Knives

22 thoughts on “How to Sharpen Your Chef Knives

  1. 3681pokey says:

    The proper way to sharpen a knife is heel to toe method…Also, it helps to keep the stones and the case clean of dirt and change the oil occasionally..

  2. venivinivinci says:

    this is the only video i have watched about knife sharpening that has discussed the rolling of the edge, a lot of people will feel that roll of think that is the edge. Thank you.

  3. Bride Bahn says:

    I need a simple and small multi tool with knife, pliers, wire-cutter, bottle opener, can opener, screwdriver… Can anyone recommend me something appropriate?

  4. Mike2x2x says:

    Your first position is 90 degrees  half of that is 45.  Do they not require math in cooking school.   Second. you only sharpen in the same direction as the cutting is done. Third the steal only straightens out your point…… dose not sharpen. Forth your honing in the wrong direction.

  5. Stan Sim says:

    This is absolutely hopeless. Do not listen to this guy.
    1. The water bath he uses washes off all the slurry, which is what sharpens these knives in the first place.
    2. His instructions to find the angle are laughable. Is he just lazy ? Couldn't he 'halve the 45 degree angle and go down a little to find 20 degrees ?' (&(, I'm doing his video for him !
    3. You do not hone a knife after you've sharpened it. It should be unnecessary.
    This is not the way to do it, peoples…..
    PS: google Dave Martell, Murray Carter, Bob Kramer for the proper way.

  6. Doreen van Mokum says:

    The danger of a dull knife is not so much the applied pressure, it's lack of control. A sharp knife cuts straight but a dull knife takes the line of least resistance, which may be towards your fingers and thumb. With a dull knife, you can injure yourself badly trying to slice a ripe tomato.

  7. test18258 says:

    His advice on how to sharpen a knife is good. but his technique is terrible. Im not a professonal chef or professional knife sharpener but I know what im doing. if you look closely his knife keeps changing angles, coming up off the stone, not hitting the tip or heel of the blade, and it looks like the stones he was using were previously used with oil, notice how the water on the stones beads up when he switches? pause on his paper cut, when he sweeps the first sheet of paper of the counter notice how its all jagged and ripped? and the second time you A cant see it  and B can hear the paper tearing.  If you want sound instruction and technique on how to sharpen a knife check out the channels like Jdavis or Richard Blaine who is down in the comments below.

    Also just from a video stand point.  half the time hes doing stuff we cant see what hes doing, he talks about wiping down the knife and look at all the metal filings on the towel. What filings? I cant even see the towel.  Nor could I see the paper he cut aside from when it accidently slid into frame right before the video cut.

  8. Vasili Atmanchokov says:

    Your stone part was somewhat correct, although there needed to be emphasis on evenness and the whole length stroke. But why are you pushing the knife on the steel? The steel's only purpose is to straighten the edge that is slightly rolled and that is accomplished by pulling the knife on the steel. Pushing the knife on the steel (cutting the steel) actually destroys the fold and wears it off; it does sharpen the knife but shortens the life of the knife.

  9. Richard Blaine says:

    I can't believe you still have this video up here on the tubes and I can't believe that this video still gets views! You are not teaching anyone anything that is useful to the art of sharpening culinary knives and everything you are doing is incorrect! This video is deplorable!

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