How to sharpen knives – Jamie Oliver’s Home Cooking Skills

37 thoughts on “How to sharpen knives – Jamie Oliver’s Home Cooking Skills

  1. Edge Celize says:

    who is this guy? I don't want to say all white guys look the same, but this guy really has me questioning myself, I dead ass cannot tell if this is Jaime or not… looks kinda like him, sounds kinda like him, but a much older and beat up version….. who is this guy?

  2. TerradonChoppersLLC says:

    I only just started watching vids about knife sharpening and I already know this is a BS video.  No offense my friend, but a steel is a quick way to "condition" a knife for use.  It still needs to be "sharpened" properly every so often.  You can also pull the knife on a steel if you are comfortable with it.  That's what the guards on it are for.  Just my opinion.  There are lots of vids by pro knife sharpeners on YT that rebut what you say in this vid.

  3. Tangkin hong says:

    Hi Jamie, I'm Tangkin, I'm from Cambodia, Could you please give me a chance to work or train at your restaurant or at your school? I've been working as a Commiss I at 5* hotel in Siem Reap since 2015 and I went to cooking school in 2014

  4. shugo104 says:

    Is it technically sharpening? No. Does it make it sharper? Yes. You realize these videos are aimed at complete novices in the kitchen – people who've never done anything with their knife besides cut and wash before buying a new one.

  5. smashbro5 says:

    Just a question about the direction the blade- does it make a difference? I know it's obviously safer to have it face away from you, but assuming you're not trying to be fast and fancy, does it matter?

  6. Stephen Deac says:

    you are not sharpening, you are indeed straightening.  There is a distinct difference.  This video is misleading and leaving out key elements to actually sharpening a blade of either a German or Asian knife.

  7. Goldie L says:

    That's not Jamie, (no lisp, and he's far too sedate!  😀 ). Jamie has done cooking shows this year with his full head of hair! He has a course called Home Cooking Skills and there are videos and pictures of his team giving tips. This guy in the video is one of the team.

  8. Danny Tat says:

    When a knife it used often, the edge gets warped and wavy which makes it difficult to present a clean cut. This video has false information, you are not sharpening a knife you are honing it. What you are doing is taking a wavy edge and making it straight so it cuts better. To sharpen a knife you need a wet stone or grinder.

  9. Nicolai says:

    A blade wont go to the point of it not being able to sharpen again… you can take a blunt butter knife and make it razor sharp. It's always possible to shapen a knife

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