How to Sharpen Jointer Knives in-Place

17 thoughts on “How to Sharpen Jointer Knives in-Place

  1. Ant Mallett says:

    As a matter of interest, Rockwell – Delta, back in the sixties, recommended this practice. With the jointer running. No jigs, just a stone moved across the spinning knives. That's apparently how it was done, back in the good old days. I'll assume their knives weren't HSS.

  2. SuperBardley says:

    1) While I like this approach for quick touch ups, I have been using a magnetic jointer knife setting jig that is so fast and easy that I have no hesitation to fiddle w/ my knives.  In the end, it's so quick and easy to just remove the knives and sharpen them on a much more effective and efficient bench system that I find this approach's benefits are a bit thin.
    2) Knives for 6" jointers can be had online for $25/set, which pretty much works out to the cost of screwing up a stick or two of good wood, so I just order a 2nd set of knives for limited down-time whilst the other set gets sharpened (by me or a shop).
    3) Truth in advertising is that I have the Makita platter style honing wheel, which pretty much guarantees fast, easy, perfect edges — sorry Tormek users.  Platter style keeps a wide, flat contact patch for the knives, so no hollow grinds or concentrated patches of material removal.

  3. slaverock68 says:

    I think I'm going to give this a try.  I have the same chisel sharpener.  My only question is accuracy to getting the precise cutting edge angle.  How critical is that?  It didn't seem clear in the video.  And with 600 and 1200 grit how severe of wear can you repair.  I'm just a shop hack, not a pro.

  4. Tayler Made says:

    i see a comment at the bottom from wv591.  please ignore this idiot as he has no idea what he is talking about.  the reason the outfeed is adjustable is because if it wasn't you would just have to throw your jointer away as you would never get a straight board off it.  you also wouldn't be able to do spring joints on it either.

  5. Tayler Made says:

    if you nick your knives, rather than taking them all out and getting them honed, just slide one of the knives left or right fractionally so that knife cleans up the bit the nicked knives leave behind.  then you can continue working till your ready to take them all out.

  6. WV591 says:

    Moving the outfeed table is almost as bad as removing knives and in some cases worse. most if not all have shims and are set at factory and moving them can really mess things up.  🙂

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