How To Sharpen A Tomahawk

This video shows how to sharpen a Tomahawk or a light trail axe, hatchet. For more videos on wilderness survival, survival skills, disaster preparedness …

28 thoughts on “How To Sharpen A Tomahawk

  1. Stulanger says:

    I just got through working over a CRKT Woods Chogan.  It came about as dull as a butter knife. I like using a 12 inch mill file to sharpen my tools that need much work to get sharp. I clamp it down in a vise or with a C clamp and go to town on it. Then I switch to a flat, oval whetstone to smooth out the ridges left by the file. I use a puck style whetstone to (rough side then fine) to refine the edge then I strop it with 600 grit wet/dry sandpaper and finish it off by stropping with green compound and then plain rough leather. It takes a couple of hours work and gives me a shaving edge that is roughly comparable to the various boutique Scandinavian axes that people rave about. I have used the same method to restore the edges of several vintage axes. Nothing wrong with your method though. It's a good field expedient sharpening method that gets the job done and I like the idea of using a sanding block. I have to say I really enjoy your channel and your vids are very informative and interesting.

  2. Steve Brettell says:

    Good video. 2 things: going back and forth will dull the file more quickly. It flatens to teeth ; if you put a hint of leather on the file, it completely ends any danger of cutting yourself.
    Both these come from 50+ years of using and teaching axe work. Also bad experience.
    As you know well, tools may be scarse in a survival situation, and what may seem a minor wound can become major in a survival situation. Better to maintain caution and avoid injuries than to try to replace or repair.

  3. Kiko Ramirez says:

    Thank you so much! I recently been given my great (x5) grandfathers Tomahawk that he used in the Native American War along with his Arrowhead and the Tomahawk is very dull. I thought it was time I given this a bit of a sharpening.

  4. lonewarrior1999 says:

    Going back and forth with the file will damage the file and become counterproductive for sharpening as it will dull the edge as you come off backwards. Only ever push with a file never pull.

  5. jjonestowne says:

    …plus it's not illegal to own, sell, or buy…even to ship…just businesses are scared of lawsuits, is my understanding of. ridiculous. sew happy freaks!! i gotta get outta this state! :")

  6. jjonestowne says:

    nice!! that Cold Steel Rifleman's Tomahawk is hard to get shipped to NY, from Cold Steel, anyway…all the other ones (Trail Hawk, Norse Hawk, etc), NO PROBLEM, but not the Rifleman's. i used to do Rev. War re-enactments, always had a hawk. it's ironic, 'cause that's the one w/ the largest cutting edge, plus the hammer back…would make the best camp ax. the silly laws DO seem to have eased up here since the new gun laws, though. now it's not an issue. even 6mos ago was having probs w/ it.

  7. LastBoyScout001 says:

    A must. Good ole boy I know has one. We spent an afternoon throwing one at a 12inch thick cut from a huge tree a storm took out last summer. An instrument worth its weight with many uses and will save your life more than once in a wilderness survival situation. Pack smart.

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