How To Sharpen a Knife

21 thoughts on “How To Sharpen a Knife

  1. Wendel Lopes says:

    boa noite, eu comprei um kit desses no aliexpress, não veio com a base, e a vasilha do óleo veio vazia, voce usou óleo para evitar desgaste excessivo das pedras e um melhor resultado na afiação ?

  2. Jacques du Toit says:

    Great video mate – especially the trick on alternating the direction. I also liked your knife making video for the Antarctica trip & think you have an awesome philosophy (yes I visited your site too).

  3. Ty_Braek says:

    I love this video. I have a similar sharpening system, and I couldn't get it to work as well as I'd like until I watched this video. You're the first person to show how to feel the burr with your nail, and you're the first person to make sense of the system for me. Thanks and keep up the good work. By the way that knife is beautiful! I wish i had the extra money to buy one of your knives. Maybe sometime in the future.

  4. TheA77Way says:

    This system seems a bit rough on the blade (as you can see the amount of metal dust your a stripping from the blade). Someone please correct me if i'm wrong. I understand to re-profile an edge it may be necessary to strip the blade but even the medium stone seemed to be stripping the blade more than I am comfortable with

  5. UncleManuel says:

    That was fucking useful! The inclusion of the edge closeups while filing takes the guesswork out, that was brilliant! 🙂
    This is going to be my next purchase since I suck at free hand sharpening, even with my Spyderco Triangle Sharpmaker. A guided system (Lansky, Edge Pro) is much more consistent throughout the whole length of the blade… 😉

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