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  1. sfbfriend says:

    That base is from Reno or Sparks Nevada, I have the exact same one but it is for a bench vise that I used for the last 20 years building subassemblies for various different aerospace components.

  2. locentos says:

    C'mon guys those prices are insane! I builded similar jig out of solid aluminium plates and some brass stock. Bought a mid range SiC set of stones and SiC granulate for reconditioning and flattening. All that for less than 100 bucks. It works flawlessly!

  3. Codie Kennedy says:

    My oppinion on what he said about diamond sharpeners is basically i feel hes wrong and right. Diamond stones come very coarse for their grit level. And they smooth out quickly but then setle out to what they will be. Maybe this is where he got the impressithat thediamonds come off. Also diamonds scratch the steel alo more then natural stones. But they last a lifetime. Personally i use natural jst because of price altough will be getting a coarse diamond stone for profiling soon. And last when the said a sharpening system can do better than a sharpener freehand his who thats way wrong. First professional sharpeners can freehand to the same perfecton in angle as that shapening system. Also add they arent limited  by constraints of a machine and the stones that that company provides for that machine.

  4. Evil Bastard says:

    I am NOT paying $600 for that. No fucking way. Price it at $120 and we 'might' talk. China has already copied your fucking system, and they're selling it for $31.

  5. Alpha Master says:

    Still can't believe a system can cost $400-$600 and it still doesn't have a blade clamp. Piss on spending that kind of money and having to hold the damn blade down yourself…

  6. sam yeates says:

    Yes, the diamond part is true. I thought I used the wrong honing oil and ruined the adhesive. Great video thanks for sharing and thanks for the great ax videos.

  7. David Arginteanu says:

    Did not like the kid saying that the machine/system will get a knife sharper than a free hand on stone. Considering that I've gotten my knives to shave arm hair cleanly on waterstones and Arkansas stones and I'm not even that good. Also, disagree with the diamond statements. The pressure from sharpening should be light enough to not affect the bond. Nice system, but too much of an advertisement.

  8. bif roberts says:

    This is an OUTSTANDING sharpener. I have owned mine for almost 3 years (bought direct). I use it for everything from hunting and tac knives (Buck, Benchmade) to my obnoxiously expensive Henckles set. I would strongly suggest, and I did this myself, find an older knife (or knives, sharpening a 3" paring is not the same as your 10" chef) to practice on and get to know how it cuts and and how much each stone will take off (or polish conversely). I personally like using a thinner painters tape with higher tack (3M 2020EL…from memory, the number may be slightly off).

    I don't do a lot of commenting on youtube, but I watched a few of the tree felling videos and then saw one about "selling out"….sigh…. so I had to see what sharpener you were "selling out" to. Low and behold, it is IMO, the best compact, portable, cost appropriate sharpener on the market, again, my opinion, but I have had mine for about three years and tell everyone I know about it.

    I am not yet a subscriber and anyone reading this can take it any way you want, but the reality is that anything with a blade needs to be maintained and this is an excellent way to do it. If you think that 5$ carbide drag sharpener you see at grocery store is a good deal only one of three things is the case, you buy a lot cheap knives, you are actively destroying your expensive knives, or you don't really know what sharp is. BTW, Cody signed (QC I would imagine) mine 10 of 2014 in what looks like silver paint pen.

    If you are looking for the best, do some research, much of it can be done on youtube, I'm not the only one that feels this way, and you will keep coming back to this product. Wranglestar, if this is you "selling out", well, this would be the way to do it. ok /diatribe

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