How to Sharpen a Knife with a Stone

40 thoughts on “How to Sharpen a Knife with a Stone

  1. KnifeIndia says:

    We do believe that the knife sharpening stones are the most popular and ancient knife sharpening tools which are used to sharpen almost any knife except for the serrated knives. We do suggest knife sharpeners for the knife sharpening.

  2. Knife Sharpener Lady says:

    I would like to congratulate you for this great video tips. Love the video. I wish I would of found it sooner. Learn to use a stone properly and you won’t have to sharpen your knives all the time.With so many different types of Knife Stone to use from we should consider the following information.

  3. Salty Samurai says:

    Not a good demonstration i would never recommend to use a steel on good knives, the only way to sharpen them properly is to use wet stones, i like to start with a 400,1000,and 3000. this demonstration missed many vital process!

  4. Sho Kou says:

    Swords are not used in the Chinese military haha. They are used for cosmetic purposes only and a tactical tanto is issued so you're not all wrong. A tactical sword and a katana are very different. If you travel in the amazon with a katana, it would get dirty very quickly especially since the cotton will soak up all the moisture.

  5. Lane King says:

    china and japan still issue them to their militaries and both countries have laws against people owning firearms and considering china his the highest population in the world so yes a lot of people still use swords and knives to defend themselves.

  6. Lane King says:

    that was amusing to watch. the last part being the most amusing "now slice away with your new samurai sharp blade." made my night. a samurai katana. wakizashi and tanto blades are way sharper than that knife in the video and they're finished with much finer stones which most people cant even afford before they have to be japanese natural wetstones which are upwards of 10K each and it requires over 50K worth of these natural wetstones and multiple months to get the edge they're know for.

  7. Nebuelaeus says:

    you can use the same technique for all freehand sharpening. and there isn't just some "normal stone", there are all kinds of types, oil stones, water stones diamond stones, and ceramics being the main types.

  8. assassain54 says:

    I just want a Normal Sharpening stone not a fucking Japanese Stone -_-
    and besides I dont know if its the same technique for a normal stone.
    Correct me if Im wrong

  9. yugibob11 says:

    i know this is bit of topic but well they would put prisoners side by side to see how sharp their sword depending on how many people it would cut through so they kinda did in away

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