How to Sharpen a Knife with a Stone – to a Shaving Sharp – Knife Sharpening Boot Camp #2

30 thoughts on “How to Sharpen a Knife with a Stone – to a Shaving Sharp – Knife Sharpening Boot Camp #2

  1. Barry Wind says:

    Here is what I do. I use the little binding clip… you know the one that has a metal black body and two silver wires that fold one way to open the black clip and then folds flat against the paper. Take it and clip it on the spine of your knife with the wire in the position to open the black clip and it will hold the angle for sharpening. Swipe the blade kind of like a windshield wiper motion. I used a piece of glass with fine sand paper glued to the surface on either side. Gentle strokes work great for a fresh edge.

  2. pinoywheelgunner says:

    Is this effective for every kind of knife? My Mtech tanto neck knife would not raise a burr, and I have stroked one side over 200 times. Do cheap metals resist sharpening?

  3. Lindy Danton says:

    I bought this same stone-sharpening kit awhile back. Can I soak the stones in water, or do I have to stick with the oil that comes with the kit? The label on the bottle says it's oil, but you said it's a water based solution. If it's water based, I should be able to soak the stones in water, yes?

  4. kenny cadarett says:

    you don't want the burr that's blade wear you just want to sharpen the edge that's why you use a fine and extra fine stone to make the edge uniform watch the Japanese to see how they sharpen the edge the katana ends up being polished with a 6,000 grit stone remember they have been making swords razor sharp for like 1,500 years

  5. jim yocum says:

    David dor some reason I can't get past the add on all your vids lately I thought it was my internet connection at first but it's only on your channel??.any advice?

  6. BennyCFD says:

    Are you talking about arm hair shaving or 5 day beard growth shaving without irritation?  Two very different things.  Any reasonably sharp knife can shave arm hair…..But the general principal of your video is well taken

  7. Dan Schwemin Jr says:

    David,  so what about if you have a big knife and a dinky sharpening stone?  Just saying from experience because I usually carry a decent sized blade (5"-6") in the woods with me, but I don't have the room or want to carry the added weight of a full benchstone.  So I carry a pocket stone like the Fallkniven DC4 or Smith's pocket Arkansas stone, or a sharpening rod like the Smith's DRET, or EZE lap diamond rod.

  8. test18258 says:

    if your having a hard time feeling the bur on your palm try running the blade BACKWARDS against the side of your thumb or across the back of a finger.

  9. Frank Turley says:

    Great video very interesting but I still don't understand what that blur thing as I don't see what you're talking about when I'm trying to sharpen but thanks I'll probably figure it out soon

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