How to sharpen a knife with a Rock

31 thoughts on “How to sharpen a knife with a Rock

  1. Sharpens Best says:

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  2. scottecooke says:

    Awesome video mate. I have a friend who was in the army. On survival courses they would often use rocks to sharpen their knives because they weren't allowed to take a sharpening stone. I am gonna try this too get good at it.
    It is a great tip for the guys into survival.

  3. Firelyn says:

    how many times or how long would you have to sharpen it to ruin the knife? I would like o know if it takes a really really long time or a short amount of time

  4. Caged Feral says:

    River rock will sharper better than anything. You just need to find the right set of stones and practice. You've got to "know the stone". I remember my grandpa doing this.

  5. Jay Lane says:

    very fun to find out just how many things work. in hunters safety as a kid here they thought us to use the limestone river rocks and the fine sand mud from the banks and it can produce quite a sharp edge.

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