How to sharpen a knife with a flat stone ( Free hand Turorial )

25 thoughts on “How to sharpen a knife with a flat stone ( Free hand Turorial )

  1. Pachapuma1 says:

    A good demonstration of the basics with stone. (I notice he says nothing about applying oil or water beforehand or about whether it's necessary to keep stone clean of dirt and steel particles." Thank you.

  2. K-oz Dragon says:

    Wrong info on angle holding, no oil or water on stone will ruin it, and no basic info on the stone. Also totally wrong method of sharpening; he will never be able to get the belly of the knife without cranking your wrist to align the edge. By lifting the wrist, you are dynamically changing the angle and thus doing it wrong. You should always turn the wrist while holding the angle and come off the BACK of the stone, NOT the side! Look elsewhere for a video if you are new to sharpening!

  3. Jeff Bruce says:

    good beginner lesson here~~~~i would however suggest to all watching this, to use honing oil with this type of "stone", as it will otherwise load up with metal and become useless~~thx for the vid, eh

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