How To Sharpen a Knife on a Sharpening Stone (Whetstone) to a Razor Edge!

39 thoughts on “How To Sharpen a Knife on a Sharpening Stone (Whetstone) to a Razor Edge!

  1. Bob Severson says:

    Anyone got time to answer a couple of really dumb questions. I have and know how to use a whetstone. can I use it to sharpen A knife I ordered that is completely blunt?

  2. BitByBit says:

    Is it possible to get a razor sharp finish with only an 800 grit stone? It's the only one I have available and i'm worried that I'd need a polishing stone as well to get something that would slice through paper cleanly.

  3. FUreplygirl says:

    You use a very low angle. This is why the sides of your blade are scratched very badly. I'm sure your edge is sharp, but with such an angle the edge is too thin and will chip, nick, and dull quickly.

  4. Ronald Owens says:

    best finishing stone is the ceramic tile they use for the inside of nuclear reactor fusion chamber it is like glass but still has enough of a texture to take off metal but at a micro scale kinda looks like pencil lead on paper they are very hard and durable to boot

  5. Jonathan Perry says:

    If you would use each stone for 10 minutes or 5 on each side it would be 10 times sharper, I have seen videos where people use these stones to get a mirror polished edge and are able to PRESSURE CUTE NEWSPAPER

  6. sp10sn says:

    AK, could you revisit this with a less standard knife shape? I just can't get the transitions right in a curvy knife with a belly like the Kershaw Scallion Folding Knife or a reverse curve like a karambit. I'd sure appreciate your help.

  7. BennyCFD says:

    In order to get a "Razor" edge on your knife it has to be a very thin edge.  A thin edge gets dull very fast when used in a survival, heavy use situation.  Wouldn't you rather have a wider primary angle like 22 to 24 degrees and have it useful sharp and have the blade stay sharper longer in everyday and survival usage?

  8. Mrmultikeller says:

    Hey man, I just came here for this video but i checked out some of you others, even the band youre in too! Just wanted to say, I wont be an active subscriber but I'll still be one and you most definitely do deserve to be a more popular channel. Good luck in the future, and may you have loads of view and subscribers!

  9. SHSGrizzTV says:

    I tried this and it worked! It helped to see how it's done rather than read how to do it. I sharpened a couple of old knives and within minutes they were working better than ever. I still need to practice my technique. And find a way to keep the whetstone from scooting around.

  10. MagnusE says:

    I thought you were an American guy. You 've really worked on your "greek english accent". 🙂 I got a new knife but after some months it doesn't cut as well as when it was new. How many times should I sharp the knife on each side starting with a 1000grit stone?  Like 10? 40? 100 times? more? Should I even use a lower grit or it will destroy the current state of the blade?

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