How To Sharpen A Knife by Knife Sharpening Expert Robert Ambrosi

20 thoughts on “How To Sharpen A Knife by Knife Sharpening Expert Robert Ambrosi

  1. David Gripp says:

    i know how to sharpen blades…lately my comments werent getting through thanx any way brother..oh by the way you can sharpen on the back of another knife…let me knos if this message is getting thdough

  2. Nicolas Broszky says:

    You don't actually have to know everything there is to know to sharpen a knife, you can use any tool sharpening stone there is.

    Get a $2 stone, use a 15 degree angle on the rough side, then on the fine side, then just use any wood to break the burr.

    After that it will be sharp enough for cooking and you'll be able to use the steel that is in the knife block to keep the edge for a long time. Note, if you have a 15 degree on the knife, use a 20 degree on the steel. For good knifes the steel won't actually sharpen it, it will just get the edge straight, for some high carbon knives, it may break the edge completely (they are brittle, oriental knives are useless, stay away from that crap) for some cheap soft knives it will actually sharpen them which is great but the knife won't last more than 6-10 years for most people (which I'm completely fine with).

    Don't think the fine side of the $2 tool sharpening stone is fine enough? Well it is but if you are a bit too stupid to understand that a kitchen knife shouldn't have a perfect edge (it really shouldn't) then grab yourself the nearest coffee mug, turn it upside down and you have a 1200-2400 grit right there on the ceramic bottom to use.

    Then it'll be perfect enough to not use in the kitchen but i suppose if you were looking for a kitchen knife sharp enough to shave your balls, you'd get that.

  3. ared18t says:

    The video isn't bad but the title is misleading also hrs not necessarily saying don't ever touch a stone or sharpening abrasive he's just trying to keep people who are inexperienced from running their knives I bought a cheap knife to practice on my stones before using my more expensive ones

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