How to Sharpen a Karambit Knife with a Curved Blade

A Curved Blade is no issue for a Sharpens Best Knife Sharpener – The World’s Best Knife Sharpener, demonstrated by Brad Buckner! Fire Starer, Knife …

44 thoughts on “How to Sharpen a Karambit Knife with a Curved Blade

  1. james mabey says:

    Got a fox karambit and cannot figure out how to sharpen it at all. I have been trying multiple angles with the mini and ended up making it so dull I can press hard on the blade and not even cut my finger. I do not know what I am doing wrong.

  2. Bruce Kersman says:

    YOU'RE ONE HECK OF A SALESMAN; went to your site and eventually I will purchase one of the sharpeners; which one specifically were you using in this video ??  I'm a disabled vet and I want to purchase one of your sharpeners; the government pays us so little I must pinch my pennies; if you can help, great and it will be appreciated… thanks in advance.

  3. Rene Rivera says:

    i just bought the original Sharp and spark. have had it two days so far.Have tried on several knives, but have failed to get any nearly as sharp as what you show in your videos. I'll just keep practicing.

  4. Sharpens Best says:

    !!! * CONTEST * !!! WIN in a FREE KNIFE SHARPER and KNIFE COMBO!! Thumbs Up this comment and Comment below why you would like to have the world's best knife sharpener and a cool knife and we'll pick the best comments at Random to receive new survival tools and sharpeners!

  5. Kkjae 720 says:

    First off Aurora, CO is my home, im glad I purchased from my home state company but anyways I currently live in oc, ca. I bought the long handle and it sharpens the hell out of my blades. now all my bladed weapons are deadly, especially my spyderco karahawk.
    anyways my other knife sharpners are no value to me any more.


    A bunch of US Marines here : So we watched,we laughed in advance..WTF is this wierd "AS SEEN ON TV" wont ever work. like ALL those pull through sharpeners that ruin a blade and make it less sharp."bet it rips the paper to shreds" must have been 50 comments and jokes in 30 sec
    THEN…it worked.
    We are all shocked

    We would LOVE to see you sharpen a Bark River convex edge though

    Semper Fi
    * Still in shock it worked with NO stones or strop

  7. silat says:

    You should consider a idea for convex edges.. thats what we all need the most lol. Still your sharpener is the best sharpener so far. For this price size and value!

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