How To Sharpen a Folding Knife

28 thoughts on “How To Sharpen a Folding Knife

  1. X MARTINI X says:

    watson's bubble's comment below took longer to read than the time it took me to watch your video lol Don't worry, you did an excellent job. Great video! Thanks for putting it out there 🙂

  2. Christ Jones says:

    How much does a sharpening rig like that cost to put together? I have a mini barrage spring assisted edc that looks just like yours. How long did you spend approx getting that edge? I'd like to get mine sharp enough to protect myself if I had to.

  3. Paul Lonardo says:

    What are all your grit counts? i just got a Japanese 600/2000. is that decent for a somewhat courser grit and a very fine? Would that do the job or should i get a lower grit to start with. and Is it worth getting a leather strop and compound?

  4. Argyle.exe says:

    i don't have a lot of money and have some pretty dull pocket knives.
    where would you recommend i get abrasive/medium stones on a budget?
    how long should i soak my stone before using it?
    is a 120/240 stone good for sharpening or is that more for chips and dings?

  5. peacefuljeffrey says:

    WHY can't you sharpen on a Japanese water stone dry? What happens?

    I sharpen and get good results with Spyderco ceramic stones. I never use water, nor was using water recommended. What makes these stones different?

  6. peacefuljeffrey says:

    It was a relief when you finally got around to saying that your Sebenza was fully dulled, because up until that point, I was aghast that you would put a Sebenza to a COARSE STONE unless it was a total disaster.

  7. rv k says:

    I have some very blunt knives they are not getting sharp even after so many trails on this stone, shall I exert more pressure while moving or shall I move knife as fast as I can ? or else applying some fluid will make a difference ?

  8. Valmaxian says:

    Great video but I have a question. I have a Ka-Bar neck knife that I got and it arrived with a dull point. If I wanted to turn the point of a blade that is really dull to really sharp do I follow this same process in the video?

  9. Carter Byers says:

    I recently got into collecting knives and wanted to know how to sharpen, so with my recent purchase I bought a Japanese whetstone 1000/3000 grit, is this good to learn on and will it do anything to sharpen extremely dull blades or should I get something else, and if so what do you recommend? Should I return the wetstone?

  10. Molineux88 says:

    Great video. So the last leather strop stage the blade is away from you when you're pulling it towards you unlike the previous stages. Is this the proper way? Thanks

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