How To Sharpen A Butchers Knife.Butchers Tools Of The trade. #SRP

38 thoughts on “How To Sharpen A Butchers Knife.Butchers Tools Of The trade. #SRP

  1. Cannon.troll 1 says:

    Dick knives made in Germany are the best ! We used to use Victorinox 15 years ago but now all knives are Dick. That steel he's using is far too rough and he's using it way too hard, we use a smooth polished steel of Dick brand also and we also use Ergo clicking things to run our boning knives through. In case you're wondering what I do? I'm a mutton and lamb speed boner. Approximately 23 of us bone out up to 4000 lamb a day and all the gear we use is the best no expense spared we use Boride stones made in USA and use stirlling setters. My favorite knives are Dick hollow ground, stone them once in the morning and they always last all day

  2. Slow Diver says:

    Curious once you hit it with the new edge and deburr the edge, then why don't you go for a finer edge with a higher grit stone? Personally that's what i'll do with a 4000 grit, then deburr and polish the edge with newspaper.

  3. Paul Gains says:

    I'm an ex meat worker, and I am so sick of seeing the other clowns on the tube try to teach people how to sharpen a knife, by the way I do know how to sharpen a knife, and I know you have dumbed it down for the layman out there, just want to say well done mate good instruction you have kept it basic for them to build on as they get better at sharpening there knives, the only thing I would suggest is not to put your fingers on the blade, put the heal of your other hand on the handle as well, as you hold the knife on the stone, that way if the knife catches on the stone you don't slip and cut your fingers, something for you to think about, you also need to tell them about soft and hard pressure on the blade, when it is needed and at what stage you use soft pressure for honing on the smooth side of the stone, you also need to let them know how a circular motion makes a more even hone on the blade. ( by the way the next time you steal your knife might be best if you get your thumb out of the way of the tip of that blade as you follow through, you will end up hitting your thumb knuckle ) other then that yeah well done.

  4. richard ordonez says:

    I like your honing style. I was in the trade too. Watching how the chefs and food prep staff at local restaurants handle knives makes me cringe. Wish I could offer tips like don't slap the blade against the steel, cut on steel table, use blade to scrape table and use like a drum sticks to mince.

  5. yxcvmk says:

    Grat Video. Am trying my stone again – never could get a knife sharp… have a 1000/3000. Is a 400 suggested? What length steel is good? I assume, the lonnger, the better? I'm thinking between 10 and 12 inches?

  6. Nick Denbow says:

    Love the video Scott. I've just bought a double-sided whetstone and want to sharpen a couple of knives. If my knife is several years old, and never been sharpened properly, how long (or how many strokes) on each side of the stone would you give it? Also how much pressure do you apply?

  7. spudrubble says:

    May I suggest you maybe point out a link to a good stone and good steel? I am goad you showed how to sharpen a knife with the back and forth stroke, I have always had others sharpen my knives because I was only taught to try the as you put it ''western'' style and I never mastered it. Your back and forth, I tried it and BAM it worked with ease. All my knives are "Old Hickory'' high carbon steel content. I etched them to keep them from rusting and I keep a thin bit of mineral oil in them.

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