How To Set Up A Body Shoot In A Street Fight



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27 thoughts on “How To Set Up A Body Shoot In A Street Fight

  1. Killer of White Supremacy And Coons says:

    NIck never spars with this older guy at all which leads me to believe it doesn't work they should've sparred at normal speed Nick probably would have blocked all his shots no offense to Alain but he looks like the gay tatted up bald guys in SF Lmaoo that is their MO Bald Tats & queer

  2. BONE CRUSHER/jiu Jitsu Junkie says:

    I'm never to old to defend my self and I'm 45 years old, I work out with us 30 lb Sledgehammer everyday or every other day I also do private security my mentality is to get home to my family in one piece I treat people the way I want to be treated. keep up the great work Alain you too Nick.

  3. Simon Ghost Riley says:

    Im not a body shot guy too cuz well my instinct is all about headshots if its a true street fight and i can trully f them up, but hey its always good to learn something new and also if your friend goes drunk and attacks you or a bully in school a body shot would be handy so u can make him feel pain and back off. But the street is the street and headshots are my type

  4. Rocky-M2 says:

    Is there any way of getting heavy hands like Alain? (I know it's mostly genetics but there must be a way to develop thick big heavy hands like that)

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