38 thoughts on “How to see if your knife is legal to carry

  1. dead meme says:

    Back in my adolescent years I came to the U.S.A I came from Mexico Tijuana Baja cali and I brought with me my prize possession my 9" Italian stelleto switchblade I carried that knife with me every where I went. So I came up to California and to my surprise 16 year old me didn't know what the problem was when an officer had his hand in holster asking me to drop the weapon I didn't know that much English so he chuckled when I took of my belt and pants went down he told me "look I don't know where you're coming from but things are obviously very different here from your home so I'm going to let you leave the knife there and when I leave you can pick it up and I'll act like I didn't see you" man that officer was the coolest cop I met and I'm glad he was the first run in with the law I got when going to the U.S God bless Americans

  2. Richard Teague says:

    The law on knives are kind of ridiculous, they make it seem like if the night opens up too fast you'll be influenced to use it and a wrong way. I think it's someone uses a knife for a weapon those people aren't thinking about what they can and can't carry whether it opens up it's going to be ready for them as they need it it just gives everyone else a reason not to have a nice life or maybe one a family member gave them… it's done people and dumb laws that mess it up for everyone,to have a nice knife…all crappy knives for everyone people that break the law get to have a good ones…

  3. radar 211 says:

    I talked to law enforcement about this, because I was arrested once, had a pretty good sized pocket knife on me when it happened, but they didn't charge me for carrying the knife.
    He told me that the laws are very confusing, so what they basically do is base a charge for carrying a knife on, " intent". So, let's say your heading to your hunting spot, you have your clip knife, concealed, a large knife in your backpack, and if your like me, a 16 machete attached to my pack. My intent is to go camping or hunting, even if I stop by a restaurant on my walk out of town. See, my intent is well known and highly visible. However, if you're in downtown Chicago with a box cutter, selling drugs, now you get charged. So don't go all clandestine, don't go out with ill intent. Safe!

  4. Liz Carroll says:

    I am a former park ranger,and used to carry a decent folding tool and sometimes a small folding knife with a locked blade. My great Uncle Fred insisted on locking blades for safety, and I love how folks have fits about it. I doubt my wee folding knife is going to scare a cop, since it is a Buck Whittaker.
    I never got hassled by cops, but by security guards that twice try to take them. I stopped carrying them,due to that.

  5. Aaron bilger says:

    I'm 19 and i've been carrying knives on me for many years now it's not one of those small pocket knives it's a full on 3" blade overly sharp carried it everywhere you could easily see it never got caught or at least nobody gave a crap now of course i never brung it to school when i used to go but I had it just because i could.

  6. newstart49 says:

    Only in the US can carrying a knife be so damned complicated. I see the purpose for the courts to make money.
    Never heard a criminal say; "If I only had a switch blade instead of this regular knife, I'd stab that guy". Arggg!!!!
    Again, we have idiots making laws.

  7. Emory Bragg says:

    Why would I care what is illegal? Yeah, I won't carry a 10" blade knife in public, but if I wanna carry an auto knife, I'm gonna do it and nobody will stop me. If the cops happen to notice and arrest me, so what? And kniferights is there to get my back. I don't give a crap about stupid knife laws. If I can legally carry a shotgun, I'm gonna freakin carry a 5" blade if I want.

  8. richard lam says:

    ok so i did some research and apparently balisongs dont count as gravity knives in NY (i live in NY) which means that they are legal to own. what kinda gets me confused is that it still doesnt go under any specification on whether or not it is legal to own or carry one…anyone know?

  9. Justin Perreault says:

    Hey rob I live in Canada Alberta and I just bought a Keyshaw oso pocket knife it folds out from you flicking a little lever with your index finger i don't know if it's illegal but I don't want any trouble help me if u could please

  10. blueovalfan23 says:

    i'm pretty sure there are no limits in ky to carry. concealed though is an issue. i often carry a benchmade auto 3 3/4" blade. it's kind of a grey area because it says normal pocket knife without any explanation of what "normal" is. i just play it safe and open carry in a holster/sheath. you're allowed what ever when it comes to open carry. it just touches on deadly weapons can't be can't be concealed and it mentioned the automatic knives and switchblades and few others.

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