How To Repair a Water Damaged Plasterboard / Drywall Ceiling



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26 thoughts on “How To Repair a Water Damaged Plasterboard / Drywall Ceiling

  1. Wayne L. says:

    Great video and the result looks really good. But now I'm confused. You primed/painted directly onto the new plaster board. Should this nor have been plastered like the original ceiling? Does it not have a different texture to it now compared to the rest of the ceiling? Thanks.

  2. Micky P says:

    Greatly helpful video. And I liked the way you dealt with a stuff-up – which most of us would make – and incorporated a helpful fix for that too. Fantastic real-life solution! Thank you.

  3. John Sauls says:

    Great job. This is what I do, minus the swearing, and the oaths of, "Never again…I'm hiring it done next time…" You are an inspiration, and I love your energy: Does it come in a pill?

  4. carpii says:

    Me: "I wonder why he's putting tape on the joints?"
    Builder: "Now you might ask.. why do you put tape on the joints?"
    Me: "Whoaaa"

    Also, great vid, thanks!

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