How To Remove Rust From a Knife Blade

In this Schrade Quick Tip Video we’re going to show you some fast and effective ways to remove rust from your knife’s blade. Hang around until the end to find …

44 thoughts on “How To Remove Rust From a Knife Blade

  1. LoneWolf says:

    Great to know I can use olive oil on the knife. Gotta love olive oil I was recently out in the rain tossed my blade in my air tight box 2 days later go take it out and see th e lil rust spots. That's what being lazy gets me. I sure Learned my lesson to stay doing maintenance on tbe blades. Nice videos guys.

  2. Jim Morrison says:

    All these new "survival" and "bushcraft" knives from Shrade look very impressive but I honestly can't see myself carrying any sort of fixed blade knife unless I was on a camping trip. I don't hunt, so that also limits any potential use for a fixed blade. A sturdy pocket knife that is well cared for and kept sharp is the most useful thing you will ever carry around. Buy a good one and it will last a lifetime.

  3. James Ritchie says:

    No mention here of letting a natural patina develop. A natural patina is made of black rust, which does not harm steel. It's red rust that eats away steel, and black rust prevents this form happening.

    Some people love the look, and I don't want a shiny knife in the wilderness, anyway.

  4. Jim Morrison says:

    The new Schrade knives like mine are made in China now, and they don't use 440C blade steel, so I can't speak for the quality of these knives, but the quality of the ones from New York was amazing. I bought a riggers knife there too and used it on my sailboat for 10 years until I lost it overboard. The big marlin spike was scary looking but it was just made to loosen knots. 🙂

  5. Jim Morrison says:

    I use a drop or 2 of 3in1 oil on my Schrade LB7 I bought at the Shrade factory store in upstate NY in 1985 a few times a year and a little dab of lexoil on the sheath. After 32 years they both look like new.

  6. Gamze erze says:

    anyway, I just found the M2 Bayonet on my junk I want to get rid of alot of rust and dust, and it's heavily rusted blade;

    what did he say that you put the lubricating oil, then wait few minutes, then apply steel wool scrubbing it, and then add new coat of oil to the blade. Anyway what oil that he use for new coat of oil?


  7. shinobi1kenobi75 says:

    If you have a heavily rusted blade, you can plunge I repeatedly into a patch of stone free soil or sand. It acts as an abrasive and produces rapid results. You will have to sharpen it afterwards. I have done this many times fixing up flee market finds and have seen amazing results.

  8. Rusty S says:

    I thought vineager would work by soaking the tool,,,I have a rusted pair of sicsors I have about 6 pairs that are badly rusted,,,,Ill try this method in the video and see if it works

  9. RoBitusin says:

    My blade is a Damascus Steel Wakizashi and I fear that it might destroy the pattern.
    What should I do. (I want to sell it and i dont want my costumer to think that i am scamming him)

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