How to red gard shower walls and pan Red guard



How to red gard shower walls and pan Red guard WATCH ALL MY SHOWER BUILD VIDEOS JUST SEARCH – how to build a shower by kooper salmo.

25 thoughts on “How to red gard shower walls and pan Red guard

  1. Steven Ferretti says:

    You guys can go ahead and spend $150 on redguard and put on your three coats all you want. Im gonna spend 4 dollars and 50 cents on some water proof mortar and put one coat on and be done.

  2. Brian Monteiro says:

    You are going to have issues around the drain. The water has no way to escape through the weep holes. Plus the joint around the perimeter is going to crack and leak over time. You needed joint tape/ fiberglass going over the foam connecting the wall to the floor. This wouldn’t pass inspection.

  3. antonio pinto says:

    Looks good! =>>< We've been working on our kitchen since Thanksgiving so I haven't had a chance to install this but it seems very sturdy and well made. It matches the wall covering that I got and it should really improve the look of the basement bathroom. It seems quite durable and easy to clean, and the instructions are pretty clear. Can't wait to start in on the bathroom and get this installed!

  4. Mike Sacco says:

    Walls should have 2 good coats
    Liners require 4 coats.
    When applying 2 coats this is only considered general water proofing.
    Please note on walls. Most walls in shower have pin holes per say ( backer board )
    A good rule of thumb.
    I always do atleast 3 on wall.
    1st coat. Left to right
    2nd coat. Up and down
    3rd X pattern
    This will make sure correct amount is on walls and all holes are filled up.
    Most will not do this due to it taken time to dry.
    Installers are getting in and out to make $$
    I’m one of those installers.
    But what’s worse then waiting for it to dry is getting a call back or remove tile and walls etc to fix a issue.
    You must remember the project might be around for 20/30 years. So a extra day or 12 hours is worth the weight.
    I have been very lucky to rip bathrooms out done by other installers over the years to upgrade them.
    I have seen the issues and the fails.
    A good friend does remodeling and on avg he’s doing 35-45 bathrooms a year and I stop in to look at them also.
    So watching Redguard dry really sucks.
    And yes it’s costly
    But it’s worth it.

  5. Tyler Tomczak says:

    Is there any concern about the water that gets under the tile and has no where to go once it gets to the red guarded pan? The drain is up at a height of the tile floor and the water will have no where to weep to below that point. So it seems like the water will pool around the drain under the tile. Im not saying you're wrong. Ive watch quite a few videos and there seems to be a few who do it your way and few who say don't do it like that

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