How to Quick-Draw a Pocket Knife | INSIDE THE CRUCIBLE 3

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41 thoughts on “How to Quick-Draw a Pocket Knife | INSIDE THE CRUCIBLE 3

  1. ZaxIntel says:

    im attempting to do this with the Spyderco UKPK (arguably the best carry knife for uk laws) and im having issues with this, does the flicking of the blade require some sort of mechanism as the ukpk has none and no lock.

  2. Tungsten23 says:

    I bought a Smith and Wesson Border Guard, about 8.8ounce weight, its heavy and long, and I can't push or flick the blade out. It needs to be pulled out with two hands. 😐

  3. Righteous Anger says:

    Very well put, I wish I better clarified my point. PP took down my comment for whatever reason, but left "supporting local police state" up. That's funny, in a very sad way.

    The thugs in the middle east, have zero effect on my freedom, I can't say the same about my Government, nor its jack boot thug enforcers.

  4. billy pilgrim says:

    The enemy isn't in a cave over seas, or a regime who's rebels we finance…. It's here among us, roving over our streets, killing us off, and given power to due so, because they are law,
    (actually its a little of both because all humans are are an intelligent predator who, in some cases, decided to play nice. I say just as you have thugs wearing turbans shouting allah, you also have them in suits and ties.

  5. billy pilgrim says:

    for one thing I am stating facts about the CITY police. but number two, I am supportive of them, I just do not understand their logic in who they stop. I guess maybe it actually is random. HOWEVER, I think my point before was why a person should be armed as the cops cannot be everywhere at once?

  6. Iulian Raureanu says:

    I wonder if you know who Kelly Mccann is. Also I'd like to know if you come close even 50% to his background. Because if you do come close you are fooling us. We all have opinions but to negate procedures from the highest authority in combatives and self-defense is too much. Together with Michael Janich I think they are the most respected guys in the knife self-defense.

  7. bjggjb says:

    I take it you don't live in New York. (Or has Bloombitch actually improved the police force there? It's been 20+ years since I last paid attention to that place.)

  8. billy pilgrim says:

    Could not agree more, however, where I live you are seeing less of that and more of the peak physical cop with more training. My ONLY single gripe about them is being TOO eager to pull people over for "driving late", and then it looks like a scene out of Cops on Tru TV with 4 cars, lights , and all you did was maybe "turn early".

  9. Budobuyu says:

    I was with the guy until the "reverse guard" speech. If your attacker *does* have an edged weapon, this is possibly the dumbest position to put yourself in. PS, there's no such thing as an "incidental cut". A slash even to the back of the forearm where no arteries are present can still be enough to send you into shock and loose your ability to guard your vitals (eyes, throat, stomach, etc.)

  10. Philip Sim says:

    It's definitely worth buying the DVD if it is available. Aside from knife usage, it teaches other self defense techniques, like countering an opponent armed with a rifle. McCann's techniques are all 'no BS'. Simple. Direct. And you won't need a black belt to execute them.

  11. Philip Sim says:

    I will suggest you also look at the Blackhawk Crucible II knife, designed by Kelly McCann himself. It's clip can be swapped around in position, for left handed carry, right handed carry, tip up or tip down. You don't even need special hex screw drivers as some clips do. The screws are Philip headed.

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