How to PUNCH without TELEGRAPHING with Fight Science



In this video collaboration with Fight Science Mark is teaching how to punch without telegraphing. Learn Self Defense Today, Click The Link: …

19 thoughts on “How to PUNCH without TELEGRAPHING with Fight Science

  1. corvo304 says:

    Nick, I think that's awesome that you've got Mark Phillips on your channel!!! I've been a subscriber to both your channels for years. You guys both have some of the best self defense that YouTube has to offer. Keep up the good work!

  2. Street boxing UK says:

    Personally, I don't like the tip tap punches in close because I don't believe the body works that way under adrenaline and nobody stays static when you're that close. You're still going to make big body movements compulsively. That said, throwing from wherever your hands or elbows are without windup is good practice and you can do that in a gross motor way but you'll pull more body into the movements and that will slow down what is practical within any number of beats.

  3. Matheus U says:

    All these tips looks nice and all, and ofcourse if u train this it's more likely you'll do it in an adrenalin moment. But I would be amazing if it was possible to see these trainers in a real fight actually doing this and see the outcome.

  4. David Becerra says:

    That's what I do it's like your punch is already there but I learn from Michael Jai White he's a good trainer but you are too I learned from a lot of martial artist but thank you for that training

  5. Lumiv says:

    A few months ago when i asked nick to do a video on wingchun, he said he would but it never really happend. So i thought he forgot. Guess he didnt forget after all! Good work Nick. Love your videos. Please keep them coming. Thank you!

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