How to Protect Yourself from a Stalker



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31 thoughts on “How to Protect Yourself from a Stalker

  1. Araceli Duran says:

    Mycity police are not taking my14 complaints seriously and is alot of county employees in my neighborhood in Santa Clara county my mail was tampered my car was repo and my necklace worth 1000 was sold from pawn shop is a corrupted city with county I feel for police

  2. Aimee Seek says:

    I feel so sorry for you! There are a lot of different self defense techniques you can use to ensure your safety and ease of mind. Just give him an uppercut and the next day when people question him, maybe he will treat women better. Apparently men are the bigger a********.

  3. Blueberry Pearl says:

    My best friend said " —– was looking through my window while I was eating chips. " she mentioned that she was wearing a baggy shirt with no pants but she said the chip bowl is a censor. I'm worried he will find me

  4. Andrew Wang says:

    You can get in severe trouble for stalking anyone, it does not only have to be individuals, if you're stalking a local business or a company, that can get you in trouble too. As for the fact, companies and established businesses can also file restraining orders or report stalking as well as requesting for a protection order.

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