How to PROTECT your GIRLFRIEND from a KNIFE ATTACK – Lesson 2

Lesson 1- Lesson 3 – In this video Nick Drossos is teaching how to protect your girlfriend from a …

26 thoughts on “How to PROTECT your GIRLFRIEND from a KNIFE ATTACK – Lesson 2

  1. Benjamin Nordman says:

    Great video as usual, but can you do me and other Europeans a favor? Produce a very actual series on surviving a terrorist knife attack? I am living between France and Germany, hot zones for terrorist knife attacks. Attacks to kill and the attacker wants to kill as many as possible before he gets killed (his desire is to die). Think about recent attacks in London (UK). Attacks in street, bars,… Would be fantastic if you could produce such! If you accept, I will embed your videos on an urban survival website that I will launch soon. Thanks!

  2. Pilot Pioneer says:

    I was about to say, if you hadn't mentioned the fact to comply with the attacker first before you go for a counter attack from a static knife attack then you would have forgotten one of your principles to mention 😉 i am afraid of trying to counter it anyway because the attacker would only need a couple of milliseconds to hit you where the defender needs to get his hands on the knife which takes longer. If this is the only option then timing must be perfect. How can someone get this kind of timing? i think it's nearly impossible, but one can try to distract him to gain a reaction time advantage, by that i mean: When the attacker looks away and focused on something else( just theoretical) then it can give you a bigger window to react yourself. Never forget everything can happen. It can happen that your hands slip away on the knife because you don't grab it properly because of stress and what not. Just some food for thought. Stay safe !

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